6 Thoughtful Ways to Help Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Alzheimer’s affects millions. The stress and health issues of this debilitating disease reach far beyond those diagnosed. There are over 15 million caregivers, whether they are health care professionals or family members. If you know a family or caregiver dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia you can help in a variety of ways.

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From being there to talk to offering a few hours of your time, there is something you can do. After all, Alzheimer’s and dementia can happen to anyone, and at any moment.

Here are six thoughtful ways you can help a family with Alzheimer’s.

1. Practice Patience

Families need time to adjust to Alzheimer’s and you may see or feel changes in your friends or family members who have recently received a diagnosis. Be patient, they will connect and adjust when they find a routine for dealing with the daily disease.

2. Educate Yourself About Alzheimer’s

Many people think they know what Alzheimer’s is and the symptoms of the disease. However, many people would be surprised what they don’t know. If you know a caregiver dealing with Alzheimer’s you should educate yourself on the topic to understand what is going on.

3. Make Yourself Available to Talk

The stress Alzheimer’s can cause can make the daily life of the caregivers very difficult. Tell your friends or family members experiencing the affects of the disease that you are available to talk about anything when needed.

4. Keep in Touch

The demands of Alzheimer’s can cause caregivers to literally drop off the face of the planet until things become routine. This makes reaching out and showing you care thoughtful during such a stressful time. Send a card, text, and call every so often to let them know you care.

5. Get Involved to Ease Alzheimer’s Tasks

One of the most thoughtful ways you can help a caregiver of Alzheimer’s is to volunteer your time to do daily tasks every so often. This could be food shopping, ticking off a few items on a to-do list, and even spending time with the loved one with the disease to give the caregiver a few hours of much needed rest.

6. Give Caregivers Tools to Make Alzheimer’s Care Easier

Technology is amazing and there are a variety of tech-minded tools you can give to a caregiver to make caring easier. One is the Caregiver Watch, a GPS tracking device, scheduler, and SOS calling smartwatch and app that keeps caregivers connected to loved ones 24/7.

GPS watch and app for Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Autism

Give the gift of staying together and let your friend or family member dealing with Alzheimer’s know you care and are always there to help today.

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