Caregiver Solution Helps Families Living with Autism and Alzheimer’s Stay Together

Caregivers are the foundation of support for loved ones and patients living with Autism and Alzheimer’s disease. LocateMotion caregiver solution aims to support those who care for loved ones who may be prone to wandering.

The Problem for Families Living with Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease

Wandering is a common and serious issue for caregivers of seniors and children. There are approximately 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. Over 50 percent of those with the disease will wander. This can lead to injury and in some cases death.

Fifty percent of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will wander. Attracted to water and other dangerous places, wandering can also lead to serious harm for children with Autism.

This equates to millions of seniors and children in harm due to wandering. What can you do? How do we all come join forces to help families stay together?

From preventing and tracking those who do wander to keeping tabs on loved ones and patients to ensure daily safety, a solution is primed and ready to assist.

Caregiver Solution is a Timely IoT GPS Watch and App

The goal is simple, help families living with Autism and Alzheimer’s disease Stay Together! The Caregiver Watch and iOS/Android app can do just that. It is a timely IoT GPS tracking watch for seniors and children.

With 3G/4G wireless connectivity and built-in SIM, caregivers can track daily routines, schedule activities, remotely check up on loved ones and patients in incognito mode, and more.

Caregiver Watch solutions include:

  • SOS Calling
  • Built-In Camera with Remote App Accessibility
  • Remote App Activity Scheduling
  • Smart Battery (2+ days on a single charge)
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Voice Messaging and Remote Audio
  • Location History via LocateMotion App
  • Life Proof and Waterproof
  • Memory Games
  • Pedometer

Professionalism at the Forefront Helping Families Stay Together

Currently the Caregiver Watch is available, but 3G/4G connection only available in Canada and roaming in the United States. To bring this vital Autism and Alzheimer’s wandering and daily safety IoT device to the global marketplace, pledges and funding is needed.

You can support caregivers and help families stay together by pledging and funding LocateMotion Kickstarter campaign. Your pledges are in good hands, because we have a powerful advisory board and team.

The advisory board is made up of CEOs, CIOs, and CCOs of leading global companies in a variety of industries, from artificial intelligence (AI) to management consulting.

Board members include: Will Falk, former North America Lead HealthCare PWC, Alister Campbell, former CEO Zurich Canada, Saliq Khan, VP, Imperial Capital, IoT, Smart Home, Security, and Dr. Imran Ahmed, Big Data, AI, Deep Learning, and Lead at Canadian Immigration.

You can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign from a recent Business Insider press release.