Caregiver Tech Solutions: GPS Tracking Devices Compared

Caregivers are the bedrock of support for loved ones and patients with autism and Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, caregivers are often unsupported. This makes caregiver tech solutions absolute vital.

The digital era has ushered in some pretty innovative products and services. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and rapid adoption of mobile apps has automated and helped hundreds of millions of people globally.

Alzheimer’s and Autism Statistics

Did you know that there are nearly 5.5 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the US alone? Also, 50 percent of those living with Alzheimer’s wander, often into very dangerous situations.

This statistic on wandering also extends to autism. In fact, 50 to 60 percent of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) wander. Children with autism are attracted to danger areas as well, such as water.

Due to these staggering statistics, there is a lot of caregiver stress. Peace of mind is often difficult to come by for a caregiver of loved ones or patients with autism and Alzheimer’s.

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Caregivers Turning to Caregiver Tech Solutions like GPS Tracking Devices

Where are the IoT, AI, and app solutions for caregivers? Well, they do exist. They may not be mainstream, but a small number of companies aim to change the landscape of caregiver support.

In an effort to give caregivers the information they need, we compiled a list of GPS tracking devices that serve up a wide range of features. These unique tracking and other key features for autism and Alzheimer’s loved ones and patients can support caregivers in a big way.

GPS tracking devices also allow those living with autism and Alzheimer’s to keep their independence and confidence while wearing these GPS tracking devices. It is a true win-win for both caregiver and loved one.

GPS Tracking Devices Compared

GPS Tracking Devices Compared

How Will Caregiver Tech Solutions Impact Your Daily Life?

There are a variety of GPS watches for seniors and children available to caregivers. You can even find pendants and tags that have features truly supporting caregivers of autism and Alzheimer’s loved ones.

GPS Watch for Children with Autism

Enter the Caregiver Watch. As highlighted above, the Caregiver Watch is one of the most cost-effective caregiver tech solutions on the market at just $75 and free iOS and Android app.

Caregiver Tech Solutions GPS Watch for Seniors

This GPS watch for seniors and children also boasts features other providers don’t have, like camera, chat, health tracking, memory games, and more.

Ready for an IoT GPS watch and app that allows you to obtain peace of mind?