Holiday gifts that would keep your loved ones safe

With holidays approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your loved one. However, with so many options to choose from, deciding on what to buy becomes a difficult task. Though it’s common consensus that an ideal gift is something that is useful, durable, stylish, and affordable.

Our gift recommendations are just that! Scroll down to learn more:

The perfect watch for elderly     

The perfect watch for elderly

Elderly population is more prone to wandering, falling, and developing age-related mental and physical conditions. So, when your parents or other loved ones cross a certain age, it’s natural to worry about their safety both inside and outside the house.

This season gift them a watch that will not only help them live their live in a better way but also ease your worries.

LocateWatch is a durable, splash-resistant wearable that enables loved ones to keep a track of time, set activity alarms, measure steps, and use an SOS button to call a predetermined number if they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings or need your help.

It also features a GPS tracker and camera which give you peace of mind. Geo-fencing, two-way calling, up to three days standby battery life and a dedicated mobile application ensure that your loved one does not wander off. A 24/7 monitoring service similar to home monitoring is also available.

On this black friday, LocateWatch, is available on $0 down with monthly plans starting at $5. This limited time offer can be availed on our website here.

The perfect tracker for your pets

The perfect tracker for your pets

Most of us have experienced situations where our pets have ventured out on their own and gotten us very worried. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a wearable for pets which ensures that you always know where your pet is.

LocateTracker is GPS tracker which can be attached to your pet’s collar. In addition to features like geo-fencing, alerts, and extended battery life (80 hours standby); LocateTracker’s two-way communication feature is what makes it so unique. So, in case your dog wanders off or is lost, you’ll not only know where he is but you can also calm him down and help guide him to safety.

During this Black Friday, LocateTracker, is available on $0 down with monthly plans starting at $5. This limited time offer can be availed on our website here.

With these gifts, we guarantee that you don’t have to worry ever again! With the LocateWatch, LocateTracker and the designated LocateApp, you can ensure that your loved ones always stay safe.

Author: Erum Ansari is a public relations professional who specializes in technology comms. She is an avid reader, a travel enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed story-teller. Before joining the content team at Your Doctors Online, Erum was the PR manager at Hill & Knowlton Strategies and was handling communications and content strategy for a diverse portfolio of brands. She is also a new mom who is finding her way around motherhood.