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SenSights.AI is a Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution designed to increase your practice efficiency! We empower doctors to confidently embrace chronic conditions such as Heart Diseases, Diabetes, and more, while effortlessly growing your practice revenue!


Discover how our advanced technology can optimize your care delivery and add value to your practice!




Streamlined Workflows, Comprehensive Care

SenSights.AI offers a complete turnkey Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring solution designed to streamline your care delivery process. Our versatile solution is perfect for hospitals, clinics, private healthcare providers, multi-specialty practices, medical & wellness centres, as well as long-term & other senior care organizations. 


Let us handle the heavy lifting for you!


Optimize your practice with the range of services we provide:

RPM & Telehealth Platform

Enable Remote Monitoring and Virtual Consultations for Personalized Care Delivery. 

24/7 Nurse Monitoring

Receive Round-the-clock Nurse Support and Timely Interventions Escalated to You When Needed. 

Billing Services

Streamline the Billing Process and Enhance Revenue Management

Onboarding Support

Receive Expert Assistance and Guidance during the Implementation Phase

Customer & Tech Support

Access Dedicated Support to Address any Queries or Technical Issues

Seamless Connectivity & Actionable Insights


Our best-in-class Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Solution seamlessly connects you with your patients in real-time, providing hassle-free and user-friendly experiences. 



Unlock the potential of our platform’s extensive capabilities!

Remote Patient Monitoring

Biometrics Data

Monitor Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Level

Device Connectivity

BYOD or Use Ours: Wearables, FDA-approved Devices & IoT Sensors

Chronic Conditions

Access Disease-Specific Monitoring, Symptom Tracking, Medication Management, Care Plan Customization & Health Education

Alerts & Notifications

Get real-time abnormal readings notifications for prompt interventions & adjustments to treatment plans


Video, Audio & Chat

Securely transmit data using our HIPAA-compliant health intelligence platform

EMR/EHR Integration

Avoid Data Duplication with Cerner, Point Click Care integrations

Health Dashboard

Determine Risk propensity, and Mitigate Emergencies

Insights & Reports

Determine risk propensity, and mitigate emergencies.

Benefits of SenSights.AI

SenSights.AI will help your practice to make informed and timely clinical decisions,
improve patient engagement and adherence as well as overall health of your patients!


  • Early Health Deterioration
  • Activity & Falls
  • EMR/EHR systems 


  • Caregiver Stress & Expenses
  • Avoidable & Unfunded Medical Needs


  • Patient Compliance
  • Caregiver Effectiveness
  • Productivity


  • Patient Compliance
  • Caregiver Effectiveness
  • Productivity


  • On Patient Wellbeing
  • On Cognition Health
  • On Falls


  • ER Visits
  • Hospital Stays
  • Re-admissions

Chronic conditions covered


FDA-approved Devices
Contactless Technology

4G-powered Blood Pressure Cuff. Seamlessly transfers vitals data to the SenSights.AI app

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Contactless way for measuring vital signs using AI and machine learning technologies. Scan your face or finger for 30 seconds to get the results!

Touchless Fall Detection sensor for activity monitoring and fall detection. Detects falls without infringing patient’s privacy. Uses 4D imaging technology





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