Remote Patient Monitoring Economics: How it benefits a physician?

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

RPM is the process by which a patient uses a wireless gadget that can transmit data to a healthcare professional in real-time so that the latter may follow and monitor the patient’s status from their office. A mobile app is used to transmit the data. Patients Wear tiny monitoring gadgets or devices that are connected to a smartphone app that delivers data to the doctor.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring to Physician

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services developed new reimbursement codes in 2019 and 2020 to allow clinicians to remotely oversee and coordinate patient care. Remote patient monitoring can bring in more than $198 per patient per month. While a lot of the work is handled by clinical personnel, remote patient monitoring (RPM) has been demonstrated to enhance patient outcomes and doesn’t take up much of the doctor’s time. RPM is the ideal solution to increase income and improve patient outcomes when inflation is historically high. Payers are placing a greater emphasis on good patient outcomes. Not all patients qualify for remote monitoring, but those diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, or chronic pain and patients who need pre- or postsurgical treatment typically do. The time is now to determine whether RPM is financially advantageous for your practice.

In the past, a patient would first be seen in person, after which a follow-up appointment would be set up for months later. Unless something significant happens, that might be the last you see of them. If it happens, you will either need to see them in the emergency room or admit them if they have serious problems that have gone untreated for several weeks. The individual transmits their information and vital signs in real-time using RPM. Employees are helping with daily monitoring, which could prevent a trip to the hospital because a doctor can act more quickly.


Remote Patient Monitoring future

Everything is getting digital daily, and this fast-growing world also requires changes in our mode of perception. According to experts, The global remote patient monitoring market is projected to reach USD 175.2 Billion by 2027 from USD 53.6. So, let’s get digital with the digital world and make our work easier with high outcomes.


Financial impact of Remote Patient Monitoring on your practice

You can submit one CPT 99453 claim when a patient is first set up for remote patient monitoring. Once everything is set up, you can start offering your patients remote patient monitoring services and billing them monthly with CPT Codes 99454, 99457, and 99458. CPT 99454 can be invoiced every 30 days and includes RPM device supply, data transfer, and preset alarms. You can make $114.05 per patient per month if you merely offer 20 minutes of RPM care utilizing CPT 99457 and 99454. You may also bill for CPT 99458 for every additional 20 minutes you spend providing remote patient monitoring services for a patient (up to two more times) (up to two times). Using CPT 99457, 99458, and 99454, you can earn a total of $198.49 per patient per month if you deliver 60 minutes of RPM care each month.


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