COVID is re-surging – How to Save Money, Stay Healthy with Remote Monitoring systems

With increasing age, the chances of getting trapped in chronic diseases escalate significantly, and it is evaluated that half of the population suffers from it. The Remote Patient Monitoring technologies (RPM) have promising potential to reduce costs as care for them requires abundant money.

How can RPM solutions help?

One can use Remote Patient Monitoring to check vitals at home or remotely. When receiving care via RPM technologies, the patient can avoid the accompanying costs of an in-person visit. The inconveniences and costs associated with travel, parking, child care, and taking time off from work are avoided by patients.


  • Reduces appointment breaches

RPM solutions bridge the barrier of access by providing care to patients where they are when they need it. One can use it to reach patients in rural areas and connect patients to specialists whom they otherwise would not have access. It proves as a great way to reduce appointment breaches.

  • Reduce the chances of contracting hospital-acquired diseases

The ability to prevent infectious diseases is another benefit of RPM home services. Patients who use remote monitoring systems can avoid going to a hospital or clinic, where they risk getting sick. Avoiding an in-person visit reduces the chance of unnecessary exposure, which is especially important for the elderly, chronically ill, pregnant, and other immunocompromised individuals. 

  • Constant patient-clinician communication

One of the main advantages of remote patient monitoring software and platforms for patients who are already actively participating in the treatment regimen is the ability to communicate with the care team about essential issues constantly. RPM solutions is a helpful technique for providers to gather more information through data and customer feedback. Additionally, it means better education and patient support, two essential elements for positive outcomes.

A better approach to chronic conditions

A chronic disease diagnosis can be a bitter pill to take. A third of all deaths in the US yearly are caused by heart disease and stroke; other ailments like COPD and diabetes might also cause many frightening changes in one’s life.

In addition to these difficulties, receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness in the past frequently implied arduous therapies or extended hospital stays. Remotely monitored solutions help to lessen these annoyances in a way that may increase patients’ trust in their medical care. The ability to track one’s health through smartphone apps and regular connections with clinicians foster a sense of accreditation and hope.

Why is patient monitoring critical?

It is essential to check and balance chronically ill patients daily. Still, health caretakers can’t make patients stay in hospitals all their life, nor can clinicians call them daily to keep their vitals checked regularly. Because the minor change apparently can’t be detected commonly but can be identified by a physician only. In this regard, Remote Patient Monitoring have brought a revolutionary difference in the lives of patients and physicians by decreasing physicians’ load and increasing their efficacy, and increasing the patients’ life expectancy.

Our solution 

SenSights Care is a remote patient monitoring and aging solution. It has fall detection sensors that could be easily installed on walls or ceiling. The Touchless sensors are detecting  falls without wearables or cameras. Every time a fall occurs it sends an alert to your relatives and appointed healthcare providers in your region.


Sensights Care  can provide peace of mind to you and your family, and can be monitored by healthcare providers. A fall detected by healthcare providers gives them the opportunity to react and provide timely care to a loved one.  Our touchless fall detection device works in different lighting conditions such as darkness and dense steam you may find in a bathroom. Including falls,  it can also track your walking activities  and send a detailed report to your care circle including a healthcare provider for further analysis. Having a healthcare provider included in a family care circle  makes the care provision proactive and more efficient. 

Our RPM solution also provides white labeling options, so our healthcare partners providing 24/7 care to the end customers can sell it under their name and change pricing depending on their needs. 


We are a North American-based startup that provides comprehensive capabilities for home care organizations to manage their senior care services using state-of-art AI and 5G technologies and allow for a greater independence. We are uniquely positioned as we are the only one with a combination of

  • Ambient or Touchless Fall Detection
  • Device-less or Contactless Wellness Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Mobile, Tablet and Web Solution for Seniors, Caregivers and Agency
  • Complete Out-of-box Telehealth and TeleMedicine Platform with integration with over 15+ smart devices and several leading EMRs/EHRs like PointClick Care, Cerner and many more in pipeline
  • Over 40+ Data Scientists, Engineers and Medical Advisors to help integrate and improve digital transformation journey of our client with services, products and platform focused on senior market

We provide the best in class health platform for patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care. Patients are guided on smartphones, tablets and computers from preparation through recovery with the help of reminders, education and activity tracking. Providers can receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. Health systems use SenSights Care to improve patient satisfaction while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and costs.

We would like to work with you to help you grow your business with our unique business model of sharing revenue with healthcare providers.

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