Top 4 Autism Blogs Moms Need to Read in 2018

Parenting is absolutely the hardest job in the world, especially for autism moms. There are a lot of resources online for moms with autistic kids, but nothing seems to compare to the voice of another autism parent. Here are four autism blogs moms with autistic kids need to subscribe to in 2018.

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Autism Mom

Any autism blog for moms should begin with Autism Mom. It is a blog tended to by Elizabeth, a mom of her autistic spectrum son. Elizabeth’s blogs are timely and her story is as inspirational and amazing as her content. One of her blogs, What Not to Say – A Conversation with My Sister is been very helpful. Autism Mom is definitely worth a subscribe click in 2018.

Raising Autistic Kids

This is a great autism blog for the entire family, not only moms. Raising Autistic Kids serves up a lot of information on living with autism in a very encouraging way. You can get tips for the day, as well as read wonderful stories of autism families from everywhere.

Embracing the Spectrum

This autism blog is the fantastic idea of Teresa, a caregiver of children with disabilities and a son with autism. Her approach of “we are a family first” is a breath of fresh air, since she notes that every family goes through ups and downs, regardless of a loved one with a disability. Embracing the Spectrum is a great Autism mom blog to read religiously in 2018 for sure!

Confessions of an Asperger’s Mom

Karen, the mom behind this fantastic autism blog adds journal-like content that is so passionate, it is hard to stop reading. The authenticity of her posts makes this a must read for Autism moms this year. Check out Confessions of an Asperger’s Mom today!

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These are our top four autism blogs for 2018 autism moms need to give a read. What are your favorites?