Wandering Kills Elderly Woman In Illinois Nursing Home Incident

Wandering in elderly people is a very serious issue. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 60 percent of all people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia WILL wander. Wandering can also put patients and loved ones in dangerous situations. It can result in injury, and even death.

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Wandering Kills Elderly Woman In Illinois Nursing Home Incident

Caregiver Facility Fined In Wandering Death Case

A caregiver facility (nursing home) in Illinois was recently fined due to a patient death that was the result of wandering. Helia Healthcare of Champaign, Illinois was fined $50,000 after 89-year-old Annette White died.

Is the nursing home or caregiver facility safe? Is wandering an issue for your patient or loved one? Unfortunately, wandering in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is unavoidable in most cases. It is a matter of “When” and not “If.”


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Best GPS Watch for Seniors to Help with Wandering

Technology Assists Caregivers In Wandering Dangers

There are a number of things caregivers in and out of nursing homes can do to help track and locate patients that are prone to wandering. These GPS tracking devices, or GPS watches give caregivers the support they need.

These types of elderly tracking devices are also valuable assets for nursing homes. They can ensure they can get alerted when residents wander (setting up geo-fencing). GPS watches for elderly people can also provide a means to a quick and safe recovery when wandering happens.

A GPS watch or GPS tracking device can simply save lives. This makes it absolutely valuable for caregivers to start thinking how they can leverage technology to help keep residents and loved ones safe.

GPS Watch Tracking Devices Are Affordable

If you’re a caregiver who is interested in providing your patient or loved one with a GPS watch, we are here to help. Our Caregiver Watch and smartphone app can make the difference in bringing those who wander home safely. Simply click below to get started.

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