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Tracking Devices for the Elderly | Senior Tracking Device | SenSights.AI

About Our Features

Desktop / Mobile Tracking App for the Elderly 

Take control of your health! Use our mobile app to track all of your vitals such as blood pressure, glucose monitoring and a tracking device for the elderly. You can also keep a detailed history of your vitals you’ve measured. Using our mobile or desktop app, you can share your profile for seamless communication of important routines, sick days, and general well-being. As a healthcare provider or business, you can request access to your patients’ or employees’ health information, this even includes a COVID19 Screening Test.  We help everyone make sure they are being healthy and safe!


Enjoy accessible and convenient tracking at your fingertips. Share your profile with your employer, carer, or physician for reliable and efficient care. A device for tracking the elderly could not get any better.

Tracking Devices for the Elderly | Senior Tracking Device | SenSights.AI


Desktop app an option for personal use as well!
Features COVID19 Screening Reports, Facility Use Dashboard, & Patient Use Dashboard.

Tracking Devices for the Elderly | Senior Tracking Device | SenSights.AI

COVID19 Screening Report

Connect with your employees’ and patients’ profiles. Generate Screening Reports, see historical data, check up on individual’s risk level, and more! Our Safe2Work solution is validated by Stanford Health; early symptoms of COVID19, the flu, or the common cold are measured using our algorithms with your resting heart rate, oxygen, and HRV levels.

Facility Dashboard

Dashboard for patient monitoring. View Patients Overview and Tasks from you desktop or your mobile!

Patient Dashboard

Dashboard for individual health profiles. View select patients’ vitals and risk level, set geofencing for their safe transit, and receive notifications for alerts to maintain their health and safety!

Our Combined Feature List

With integrations from our other services: YourDoctorsOnline and Veyetals

Remote Patient Monitoring

HIPAA Compliance
Device Integration
Patient Portal
Patient Records Management
Virtual Visits
Data Import/Export
Patient Engagement
Patient Questionnaires
Multiple Disease Risk Profiles, Fall, Wandering Detection, and much more!


Appointment Reminders
HIPAA Compliance
Multi-Provider Practice
Online Forms
Appointment Scheduling
For Medical Purposes
One-to-one Messaging
Practice Management
Chat, Audio, Video
Traffic Forecast, Cumulative Patient Profile, and much more!

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