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Chronic Care

According to CDC, 6 in 10 adults in US have a chronic disease, while 4 in 10 US citizens have two or more chronic conditions. In Canada we can see the similar situation with 40% of adults having at least one chronic condition. Heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are among the most common ones. 

The challenge with the traditional healthcare delivery is the incomplete assessment of treatment response. The in-hospital checks are limited and doesn’t show the overall picture in the progression. Moreover, in the case of seniors with chronic conditions there is a need for frequent follow up which is not always possible. The need for treatment and possible adjustments in a treatment plan are usually identified during these visits.  So it is important to find ways in order to keep under control the existing chronic conditions to avoid their progression to life-threatening levels. 

Telehealth helps to manage complex patients more effectively providing constant monitoring and complementing physical visits with virtual ones. The systematic review allows clinicians and physicians to check patient adherence and change treatment plans and its intensity half way. For patients it allows to get on-demand care faster and in more convenient way without waiting in lines for in-person appointment. It also makes patients feel better and less worried about they health when they can access their own medical data and easily share it with their healthcare providers for review. 

Benefits of SenSights Care for chronic care management: 

  • better patient care and engagement
  • continuous health monitoring 
  • 24/7 touchless fall detection monitoring
  • vitals measurement sharing 
  • wandering tracking
  • medication management
  • health notifications & alerts
  • reduction in cost of care and hospital readmissions 
  • flexibility & accessibility for patients 
  • improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction

SenSights Care Contactless Wellness Monitoring gives opportunity to seniors to monitor themselves without the use of bulky devices like Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Oximeter and others. The simple use of camera allows to measure the vital signs instantaneously and save the results for the record and future analysis. It allows healthcare providers to ensure adherence and compliance of the patients and plan interventions accordingly.