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We empower our seniors with SenSights Care
A Tablet Solution with Fall Detection AI Capabilities

Touchless Fall Detection

24/7 Nurse Support in Your Region
Contactless Wellness Monitoring
And Much More

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We empower our seniors with SenSights Care Tablet Solution

   Touchless Fall Detection

  24/7 Nurse Support in Your Region 

  Contactless Vitals Monitoring

  And Much More 

SenSights Care Tablet for Seniors – Designed with seniors in mind—the innovative solution comes with features for connecting with loved ones, without the complicated features of tablets. The large buttons and intuitive interface make it, a simple tablet for seniors who are keen on 24/7 wellness monitoring, video chatting and sharing their health metrics with family and caregivers. The solution includes:

  • Seniors focused SenSights App
  • Vayyar Care Touchless Fall Detection
  • 24/7 Nurse Support via Audio and Video in Your Region 
  • Personal Emergency Response (currently provided in Niagara region by Sandra’s Home Health Care)
  • Contactless Health & Wellness Monitoring via Veyetals App (HR, O2, HRV, Stress, Respiratory, Blood Pressure)
  • Health Dashboard & Smart Alerts 
  • Secure Vitals Sharing with Family & Caregivers 
  • Large 8.4 inch Samsung Tab A (2020)
  • Various Accessories
  • High Speed Internet Connection*
  • Ontario-verified Virtual Visit Solution 
  • HIPAA/P-HIPA compliance
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Machine Learning Help “Avatar” personalized for senior**
  • Voice Enabled Assistant**
  • And Much More…

* 2GB Data Included using Rogers or AT&T connectivity based on coverage map
** Coming Soon in Q1-Q2 2022

* SenSights Care App & Feature Includes a
Fall Detection Device with GPS

SenSights Care is an easy-to-use mental health & well-being intelligent platform for seniors and caregivers. Offering 24/7 remote monitoring, personal emergency interventions, access to physicians and data collection, will increase patient and caregiver engagement and knowledge about cognitive health and related modifiable factors, improving healthy living behaviors and potentially delaying dementia progression in high-risk populations. It helps reduce hospital visits, reduce re-admission rates and avoid wandering and fall episodes by offering proactive monitoring and risk profiles along with smart alerts through a fall detection device with GPS capabilities.

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Tablet for Seniors Pricing

Standard Plan

per month


1 Touchless Fall Detection*

24/7 Nurse Monitoring in Your Region**

Contactless Wellness Monitoring

SenSights Care App***

Bring Your Own Tablet



* $49 installation fee + $200 security deposit

*$39 per month for additional Fall Sensor

**1 Nurse/PSW Visit per month Included

Premium Plan

per month


Standard Plan*


Samsung Tablet**

High Speed Internet 




 * $49 installation fee + $200 security deposit

*$39 per month for additional Fall Sensor

**3 Nurse/PSW Visits per month Included 


You don’t have to choose your plan
until you receive our tablet!


Interested in more packages?

Simple One Touch Access

  • Designed especially for seniors
  • Large Buttons
  • 1 touch Video call
  • Buttons with Audio
  • Much more

Contactless Monitoring

  • Contactless Wellness Monitoring
  • Using Veyetals application without any wearable
  • Automated Alerts
  • Vayyar Home Monitoring Device
  • Connect to FDA approved devices
  • Door, Humidity, Temp Sensors
  • Much more

Touchless Fall Detection

  • Camera-free 4D imaging sensors
  • No buttons, cords or wearables
  • Privacy Protection
  • Rapid Response
  • Minor Fall Detection
  • *Coming soon in Q1/Q2 2022

Secure & Safe

  • All Data is encrypted & secure
  • HIPAA & PHIPA compliance
  • Threat Assessment Completed
  • Penetration Testing Done
  • Much more

Large Icons

  • Designed for seniors in mind
  • Audio enabled (ie., when you touch them)
  • Bright colors for ease of use

Money Back Guarantee

  • Pre-order now and Pay later when you get tablet
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Receive Tablet before Christmas

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Our SenSights.AI Promise

The benefits of remote care management are the basis to our data-driven telehealth solutions. For the absolute best results, LocateMotion serves as a remote patient management solutions partner as it devises a comprehensive solution that commences with the planning and implementation phase that is customized with you choosing the best telehealth technology that meets your requirements.

Our system works by accumulating medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and automatically transfers it safely to healthcare staff or caregivers in a different location for evaluation. It allows a provider to track data from the point of care, such as vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels and heart rate. The technology can function as a remote monitoring device for diabetics and can also provide cardiac monitoring services.

With a resourceful team that will cater to specific challenges that you face, we guarantee to provide you with a complete telehealth strategy and implementation plan that fulfills all your needs, including vendor support.