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COVID-19 hit hard the healthcare industry putting the most vulnerable segment of population – seniors – at risk. Due to the weaker immune system and chronic diseases, every time seniors visiting hospital or other healthcare facilities are exposed to the viruses. 

SenSights Care Remote Patient Monitoring offers Contactless Wellness Monitoring for vitals screening and Touchless Fall Detection helping seniors to receive the hospital quality of care at home. 

Vital signs screening without bulky costly devices and fall detection without camera provide convenience and privacy to customers and decrease operational costs and readmission rates for healthcare facilities. Keeping the patients’ records the in one place increases efficiency of healthcare providers and ensures the reimbursement is provided for the care they are already giving. 

SenSights Care is a big leap towards Contactless & Deviceless Remote Monitoring of elder person who wants to Age in Place. It helps caregivers, nurses and other healthcare providers to monitor vitals 24/7 and provide Quality Care at Home while avoiding emergency visits and readmissions.Dr. Vu Tran, Emergency Physician based in Ontario, Canada

Benefits of SenSights Care for Remote Patient Monitoring

Benefits for healthcare providers

  • real time health tracking 
  • emergency alerts & health dashboard
  • easy patient monitoring & prioritization of efforts
  • considerable savings & labour efficiency
  • profit increase with our revenue sharing model
  • reduced readmission rates & deaths
  • comprehensive reports and analysis over time
  • easy integration to the existing EMR / EHR / PHR applications
  • white label solution option 
  • convenient lab results sharing 
  • higher level of patient compliance 


Benefits for patients 

  • timely assessment & intervention 
  • better management of chronic conditions
  • prevention of disease progression & costs associated with its treatment
  • convenient lab results sharing, reminders & notifications
  • reduced waiting time
  • circle of care: healthcare providers & family members
  • accessibility of care through video and audio communication for rural inhabitants
  • convenience & higher satisfaction

The SenSights Care platform is verified by OTN and is HIPAA compliant. 

Vu Tran

Vu Kiet Tran, MD, MHSc, MBA, CHE, ICD.D | University Health Network, Toronto

Dr. Tran has over 15 years of clinical experience in both Emergency Medicine and Primary Care and is the owner and operator of three Primary care clinics in the Greater Toronto Area since 2003. Dr. Tran was formerly Medical Director for Best Doctors Canada, Medical consultant with Eli Lilly and Dynacare Medical Laboratories.