Living with diabetes is a daily hard task. Diabetics have to lance their skin multiple times a day to check their bloodstream glucose level to make sure it’s within a small, healthy range. People living with diabetes also need to constantly check their cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels to make sure their medication, exercise, or diet is working for them. Without proper daily care, they are at risk of mind fogging, fainting, and even early death.

Our products includes affordable blood sugar monitoring and glucose testing amongst many others, while our platform provides accessible and convenient diabetes monitoring and tracking, ensuring everyone lives stress-free and healthy.

Read on to see our solutions and see how we can help those with diabetes!

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people died from diabetes in 2019
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people will be living with diabetes by 2045
1 in 60
people over 65 will have diabetes

FDA Approved Devices,
Handpicked Just For You!

Safe@Home Diabetes Package

  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Blood Glucose Test Strips (x50) each month
  • Bluetooth Weight scale
  • Contactless Thermometer
  • 24/7 chat with a doctor via YourDoctors.Online
  • 24/7 virtual homecare support (HealthSuite)(locations TBA)


No Contract: USD $499 refundable deposit + USD $24 per month*
12 Month Contract: USD $49 per month + free device replacement*
*more details in package description on checkout
  left to claim your 20% discount!

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Meet Dave,

Dave is a senior who lives with diabetes.

Situational Constraints

Don’t worry Dave, we understand the struggles you’re facing.

• Dave lives independently. 

• Dave needs to constantly monitor his food intake to prevent fainting

• Dave can’t afford to maintain his diabetes

• Dave finds it difficult to pinprick himself with trembling hands

• Dave has a hard time trying to find an exercise routine that will help his diabetes and arthritis

Common Problems

Our Diabetes Bundle is curated to address these issues:

Very limited options available for monitors and their costs

• Continuous blood sugar monitors are costly

• Blood glucose strips are barely covered by insurance if at all

Diabetes education such as basic lab work is costly if available at all

Good exercise habits curated for diabetes are not made known

Our platform integrates all these devices & more!

Our mobile app tracks all of the important vitals and keeps a detailed history for the user to share with their caregiver, physician, and more! Caregivers and other healthcare providers are able to view all their loved ones’ or patients’ profiles, ensuring safety and healthiness through vitals view, risk level view, geofencing features through GPS tracker, safety alerts, and more!