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FAQs Fall Detection

Touchless Fall Detection 

The SenSights Care touchless fall detection sensor is a white plastic disc measuring 3½ inches across, with an AC electric power adapter attached. 

When a fall is detected, the LED light on the device will flash white. After 45-50 seconds, the device will begin to flash more quickly.

After 90 seconds the alert will be sent to the healthcare provider and a family member (circle of care).    

If the senior stands up within an additional 30 seconds, the fall alarm will be canceled. 

It will look to reestablish connection to the previously paired WiFi. Once that happens it will start monitoring again as per normal. A continuous disconnection entails a WiFi RSSI or power connection issue, refer to our tech support via SenSights Care App. 

Fall Detection device needs power to operate. If it gets disconnected, you will see this as an alert that the device has been disconnected. Which indicates either power or WiFi.

Currently, we provide 24/7 nurse support only in Niagara region. All the caregivers added to the cirle of care will receive an alert. Once alert received, they can ignore it, accept it, check it off or convert it into the task. In case healthcare provider sends someone to check on senior, the note can be added to patient’s diary to notify other caregivers about a visit or any actions undertaken. 

We are keeping it month-to-month with $39/month and $249 upfront option: $200 security deposit + $49 installation fee. The same with the premium plan: $129/month + $249 fee. 

In case customer doesn’t want to pay $200 upfront, the 12-month commitment will be required.

Currently we only provide 24/7 nurse support in Niagara Region. It will take 5-10 mins for Sandra’s Home Health Care to reach to caregivers and another 30-45 minutes for someone to drop in to check. 

Correct. 90 seconds is the allotted time before an alert is sent. In most cases if someone fallen down cannot get up within this timeframe it is indicative of injury or assistance needed toward mobility.

No, it will not show how long it took for someone to come, but nurse support is available 24/7. Nurses will be notified 90 seconds after the fall. They will immediately contact the senior and his circle of care. If no one responds, one of the healthcare providers will be sent to the senior’s home for assistance.  

1 free visit is included in the standard plan, and 3 free visits are provided to premium plan holders. The regular price for consequent visits would be $50. Price will be same after hours

We are working with both Health Canada and Ontario Govt to help do pilot studies with us, but most likely it will take time before then realize the value of this service. 

Yes, the $200 security deposit will be returned as long as the device is in working condition and can be used again.

Each family member (which is a caregiver) must have a smartphone (or computer but it is not really efficient because smartphone will immediately get a notification / alert) to be notified or you can leave behind a landline that SHHC can call in to check

One fall detection device is sufficient to covers an area of 13 feet ahead and 6.5 feet to its left and right. If the room is larger than that, the device should be installed in the area of the room where falls are most likely to occur.  

If the room is very large, one or more additional devices can be used to cover the entire area.  

Each device should be placed in the middle of the area it’s monitoring and the devices should not be placed directly next to one another – they should be kept at least 3 feet (1 meter) apart.