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I have a technical issue (Company admin)

Common technical issues for Company admin

Can company admin share the same account with agent?Company admin has separate and agent has separate accounts.
Can admin/ agent change password for user directly, instead of triggering password reset to their email?Password can be reset but the default password will be sent on user registered email and then user can change the password by using default password.
How much does it cost to use Sensights.AI for a company?The cost of using Sensights.AI for a company will vary depending on the specific package and features selected. It is recommended to check with the company for more information.
How is SenSights.AI different from Apple storing wearable data?Apple and others (Samsung, Fitbit, Halo etc.) are B2C products and SenSights.AI works with all of these, and consolidates the data into a Health Intelligence Platform, that provides the integration into the respective Medical partner’s existing ecosystem.