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SenSights.AI Health Intelligence Platform with Veyetals & Integrated Devices

Simple User Flow and Testing

Replace costly and inefficient manual processes with an automated, data-driven compliance framework providing real-time reporting and actionable insights.

Daily User Reminders and Instructions

Input information in the SenSightsTM app based on your daily health status.

Easy and Fast Screening Process

Thermal Camera
Smartphone Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Leverage computer vision technology and integrated medical devices to perform daily and quick screening.

Real-time Dashboards, Notifications and Reports

Maintain and monitor heath records regularly and establish infection risk score, determining if you are Safe2Work.

Identify, Isolate, Test and Follow-up

Based on the infection risk level, take necessary steps and action to fight the virus and prevent onward infection within the care teams.

Many Valuable Use Cases

We can help you do your part to prevent the spread. See some example use cases below for our Safe2Work solution. Our flexible design allows us to cater for the various and ever-changing demands of organizations today. Click the tabs to learn more!

Employees working from home can ensure an additional layer of confidence.

Low traffic offices can be secured with a Tablet at the entrance with our Veyetals technology.

High traffic offices can be secured using on-site thermal screening to identify risky guests at the entrance.

Employees already at the office can confirm their infection status to ensure good health at work.

Employees working off-site can ensure an additional layer of confidence.