SenSights.AI Health Intelligence Platform and Integrated Devices

Simple User Flow and Testing

Replace costly and inefficient manual processes with an automated, data-driven compliance framework providing real-time reporting and actionable insights.

Daily User Reminders and Instructions

Input information in the SenSightsTM app based on your daily health status.

Easy and Fast Screening Process

Bluetooth 4.0 Non-Contact Infrared
Body/Surface Thermometer

Bluetooth 4.0 Pulse Oximeter

W74 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

Leverage FDA approved medical devices and wearables to perform daily and quick screening.

Real-time Dashboards, Notifications and Reports

Maintain and monitor heath records regularly and establish infection risk score, determining if you are Safe2Work.

Identify, Isolate, Test and Follow-up

Based on the infection risk level, take necessary steps and action to fight the virus and prevent onward infection within the care teams.