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SenSights, Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring


an AI-driven Remote Patient Monitoring & Telehealth Platform that empowers patients and healthcare providers

We provide full turnkey solution for healthcare providers to increase their  efficiency, reduce paperwork and get additional revenue on RPM, CCM & RTM. 


SenSights.AI is a perfect solution for: 

– hospitals

– clinics

– private practices

– federally qualified centers

– senior & long-term care facilities


Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Vital Signs Monitoring: blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory level
  • 16+ Devices for Wireless Health Data Transmission: FDA-approved devices, wearables, IoT & motion sensors
  • Chronic Conditions Management: disease-specific monitoring, symptom tracking, medication management, care plan customization & health education
  •  Real-time Alerts & Notifications: abnormal readings notifications for prompt interventions & adjustments to treatment plans


  • Video, Audio & Chat Communication: secure HIPAA/P-HIPA-compliant data transmission including images, documents, medical reports, billing


  • Integration with various EMR providers: Cerner, PointClick Care etc. to avoid data duplication


  • Health Dashboard, Insights & Reports

Get access to the historical vitals information


  • patient compliance
  • reduced hospital readmission
  • nurse shortage
  • efficiency
  • reduced costs & increased revenue 
  • continuous care delivery & improved health outcomes (prevent disease progression, timely interventions)

Chronic Conditions Covered

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