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Sign up and bulk upload information – Company admin

Here are the correct instructions for creating a company with SenSights:

  1. Contact SenSights representative to create a company account. Provide them with the company name, company admin email, company admin name, and company admin contact number.
  2. SenSights will create the company account and the company admin will receive a confirmation email with their login ID and password.
  3. The company admin should log in to the account using their login ID and password.
  4. Once logged in, the company admin can begin creating users for the company and its branches (agents, caregivers, and patients).
  5. To create a new user, the company admin should navigate to the “Users” tab in the SenSights dashboard and select “Add User”.
  6. Fill out the user’s information, including their role within the company (agent, caregiver, or patient), and select “Save”.
  7. The company admin can view, edit, and delete users by navigating to the “Users” tab and selecting the appropriate action for each user.

or Bulk upload instruction, please visit this article or check our tutorial video here.