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Helping our fellow elder citizens to age gracefully at home as long as possible is an important and dignified goal to pursue. I am excited by the potential for the SenSights.AI platform to materially help in this pursuit given its capability to cost-effectively monitor health and proactively support seniors, their caregivers, and their healthcare teams.

Josh Blair

Chair of the Board, TELUS International

SenSights.AI  is a remote monitoring tool especially designed for older adults that has potential to impact the way home health and aging in place is delivered. This technology will help reduce travel time and costs and also lower administration costs all while ensuring patients needs especially those that are older adults with potential cognitive decline.

Dr. Junaid Bajwa

Chief Medical Scientist, Microsoft UK

The team at LocateMotion are seasoned who drive outcomes. Serious-minded, mature and transparent, in their communications, they expedite work that meets objectives, while allowing time for pivots and innovation. This team is a pleasure to work with.

Phil Vlach

CIO, Amica Senior Living

I’ve worked with LocateMotion for sometime now and am extremely impressed with their professionalism and focus on delivering a quality and innovative product on time and within budget.

Rob Barlow

Chairman, WireIE Holding Corp.

I have seen many solutions as a Kickstarter and tech junkie, but your solution really brought a lot of the solutions together and looks towards the options of tomorrow… not just what’s here today.

Heather Rice

VP Property Management, Rice Development

SenSightsTM is a predictive platform that allows users to track their information such as Activity Score, Geofences, Movement Patterns through a private customized view. Using its proprietary algorithm, SenSightsTM analyzes the information provided by wearables and other IoT devices to determine the severity of the situation and sends “smart alerts” accordingly. SenSightsTM is designed to help home healthcare agencies develop a more thorough care plan for seniors while effectively managing their resources.

Laurie Orlov

Principal Analyst,
Aging in Place Technology Watch

The founders and team at LocateMotion have identified a real need and large market with a product that has many add-on service/revenue possibilities. They also have the ability to choose wisely among these possibilities.

Frank Cespedes

Professor, Harvard Business School

I believe remote/virtual monitoring solutions like SenSights will play an increasingly prominent role in health care, particularly for seniors care. They offer a cost effective way to ensure the safety and well-being of patients while allowing them to maintain a high quality of life in their own homes which is where they prefer to be.

Ali Mir

Vice President of Paramed Operations

With the overwhelming amount of data that is available through remote patient monitoring, approaches like Sensigh.AI that use artificial intelligence to assist with monitoring and analysis of information is a key but often overlooked step. Remote monitoring is only as good as our ability to effectively and efficiently interpret and act on the data received. .

Dr. Kevin Young

Geriatric Physician, Orillia Hospital, Canada

I believe that the Safe@Home app by SenSights could play a huge role in helping seniors maintain their independence and stay in their homes longer, while providing peace of mind to them and everyone involved in their care. There are features for a wide range of health needs, making Safe@Home versatile and meaningful for any of your loved ones.

Larissa Rowden

Caregiver, Sandra's Home Health Care

Safe2Work by LocateMotion has exactly what Sandra’s Home Health Care was looking for. The utilization of their Safe2Work vital monitoring & alerting provides our agency with Peace of Mind. The real-time notifications allow us to proactively follow up on any vital fluctuation concerns in order to ensure that our Caregivers are Safe2Work.

Sarah Brown

Senior Manager, Sandra's Home Health Care

Video Testimonials

Dr. Sandra McKay. VP Research & Innovation, VHA Home HealthCare

Sandra D'Alessandro. Executive Director, Sandra's Home Health Care

Larissa Rowden. Caregiver, Sandra's Home Health Care Services

Jaffar Sheikh. Independent Senior, Safe@Home User