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Vayyar Care

Ideal for those living at home, in independent living
or senior living communities, the Vayyar Home
features a touchscreen interface and 2-way voice
calling. It has a compact form factor, supports ceiling
installation, and collects rich data for activity
analytics. It detects when a person falls and collects
data which can be used to monitor activity patterns
and identify signs of deteriorating health. It can be
integrated with existing systems, works even in
darkness or steam, don’t use cameras, and always
maintains privacy.

How does it work? 

Empowered seniors demand both constant protection from falls and freedom from buttons or wearables.

Vayyar Home’s touchless tech is built around non-optical imaging radar, providing 24/7 fall detection and unique visibility into resident activity.


  • No cameras

  • No buttons or cords

  • No wearables

Vayyar Home enables communities to increase profitability by:

  • Reducing hospitalizations
  • Lowering claims and fines
  • Enhancing brand reputation
  • Improving staff utilization


Fall Detection

With precise, round-the clock monitoring and tracking in all rooms, unco...