Addressing The New Reality In The Battle Against Covid-19

Health intelligence platform LocateMotion takes measures to connect isolated older adults during the COVID19- pandemic with their care circles and health professionals.


  • Combating the rise of COVID-19 in our older adults.
  • Innovation in health tech, takes away the obligation of having to visit care facilities, when in need of medical assistance.

During these challenging times of self-isolation, SenSightsTM, our AI powered Remote Patient Monitoring platform, takes measures to support early detection of changes in health conditions, assisting to minimize the risks for older adults and their community.

Our solution is the best-in-class, designed to monitor real-time health trends using a virtual home-care model that connects patients directly with health care providers. Our aging population is the most vulnerable during times like these. SenSightsTM remote healthcare technology helps the older people in our lives remain at home safely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic. LocateMotion health intelligence solution is focused on modernizing home care and providing easier access to health care.

  • Monitoring movement and health data
  • Generating automated smart responses
  • Extending our service in becoming device & network agnostic
  • Creating preventive care models, that assess the risk propensity.
  • Non-intrusive detection and prediction.

Where an individual has been exposed to the virus, the 24/7 remote patient monitoring enables analytical understanding of the extent of exposure for the individual. Our FDA approved IoT devices, mediate the transfer of this vital data to health professionals and their care circle:

  • Medical/Biometric Sensors
  • IoT Home Sensors
  • Wearables
  • Smartphones/Tablets/Desktops

Nauman Jaffar, Chief Executive Officer of LocateMotion said, “With the global rise in the number of cases daily and associated risk propensity, the necessity of having to address it has become multifold. Nobody is exempt from it. Not even the doctors themselves. At LocateMotion, it’s about bringing technology together, to help care for the ones who are most vulnerable.”

About Us

LocateMotion is a health intelligence platform which is device agnostic, provides personalized dashboard and will predict future instances of chronic issues like falls, wandering, strokes, etc. Our company mission and primary target market is helping seniors age in place.

Each day 10,000 adults convert 65+ years in North America, having about 55 million seniors that require healthcare service, amongst whom only 1/5th are under direct supervision from caregivers.

The goal of the company is to enable the elderly to live independently, with dignity and preventing the risks associated with aging, i.e. falls, wandering, strokes, etc., using cutting-edge technology like AI, IoT and 5G to assist both the elderly and their caregivers by predicting issues that may arise on a 24/7 basis.