Alzheimer’s Facts You Need to Know (Infographic)

Alzheimer’s is a serious mentally debilitating disease that is more common than many people may think. To raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, it is necessary to deliver a few startling Alzheimer’s facts.

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For instance, did you know that one in three people die with Alzheimer’s in the United States? How about the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in Americans? It is well over five million people, with the disease to develop in as many as 16 million people by 2050.

Caregivers On the Front Lines of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Caregivers are also on the front lines of Alzheimer’s and dementia, with many of them sacrificing their own personal health and wellness to care for loved ones and patients with the diseases.

These facts and more are at the heart of health care issues as mental degeneration diseases overtake seniors. The infographic below highlights a few Alzheimer’s facts you need to know.

Alzheimer’s Facts Infographic

Alzheimer's Facts Infographic LocateMotion

How Caregivers and Alzheimer’s Loved Ones Stay Together

If you are a caregiver of a loved one or patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia, how do you cope? Staying together with your loved one can be difficult, both mentally and physically. If you want peace of mind, look into a watch and app that features a number of caregiver must-haves.

GPS Smartwatch for Alzheimer's

This GPS wearable keeps caregivers and loved ones together. This is especially important when planning your holiday season with Alzheimer’s. How will you make Alzheimer’s care healthier for you and your loved one this New Year?




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