Going Out to Eat? Different Guides Helping Families with Autism Eat Out

There are different programs that help kids with autism prepare for airline travel or give tips to families on how to go on a vacation with family members who have autism or a serious illness. The newly launched guide can take you on a virtual trip to a restaurant to prepare for physically going to a restaurant.

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The company Pal has a slogan “Everyone gets to go” and they offer not only virtual tours but also digital guides and digital tours of places families may want to visit.

Autism Guide to Eating Out

Most of the places they cover are in Arizona, but now the company has tours and guides for Flower Child. This is a restaurant that focuses on local food. It has two Austin restaurants, one in downtown and the other at the Domain. The downtown branch also focuses on healthy meals such as salads and grain bowls.

Video is Helpful for Autism Families

For those who are curious about the video tour, you’ll get to watch a family who has a child who seems like on the autism spectrum. They enter the restaurant, order their food, pick up their drinks and cutleries, wait for the food to be delivered to their table, eat their food, and take home some to-go boxes.

The scenes in there can also be heard, noises from the periphery can be heard and you can see that they have an open kitchen.

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There are insider tips so people will know when and where to go, and how to prepare. Average length in hours, amount of walking, loudness level, and crowd level are all shown where there’s a sensory scale score. Scoring is between 1-10 and 10 being the maximum.

Other details are also included such as off-peak hours, discounts for first-time guests, if takeout is a breeze, if there are dog-friendly patios, if the foods are healthy and kid-friendly delicious, and you can even check out the menu beforehand so you can plan what to order.

There’s Also a Digital Guide

A digital guide is also offered not just for communication but also for step-by-step support. There are six steps on what you will do. The first is arriving, then followed by the succeeding steps which are ordering, things to know, getting ready for dinner, let’s eat, and time to go.

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