CABHI selects VHA Home HealthCare and LocateMotion for its SPARK Program

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation is awarding this grant to help Persons Living with Dementia

CABHI selects VHA Home HealthCare and LocateMotion for its SPARK Program

( — January 21, 2020) — The project will allow VHA Home HealthCare to research and trial safe and independent community living for persons living with Dementia using LocateMotion’s SenSightsTM technology

Toronto, Canada – 22 January 2020: LocateMotion, in partnership with VHA Home HealthCare, has secured The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation’s (CABHI) Spark grant which will facilitate a project designed to use LocateMotion’s technology to reduce wandering and promote healthy community living for Persons Living with Dementia (PLwD).

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, today, over half a million Canadians are living with dementia, with about 25,000 new cases diagnosed every year. At this rate, by 2031 this is expected to rise to 937,000, a staggering increase of 66 percent. To cope with these increasing numbers, innovation in senior care to address these needs is critically important.

“Home health care providers can deliver value-based care and also ensure the safety of seniors by analyzing real-time and historical information provided by wearables, smart phones, sensors, WiFi and geo-data. At LocateMotion, we have developed algorithms that track health trends as well as patterns in movement so that ‘right’ actions can be taken in a timely manner,” said Nauman Jaffar, Founder of LocateMotion.

The project commencing in Q1 2020, will include implementing the SenSightsTM analytics system which enables monitoring in order to address potential harm resulting from wandering incidents involving PLwD. The program will evaluate and attempt to answer questions including the type of devices patients with cognitive decline prefer, at what stage of decline they should be implemented, and what additional measures should be in place to eliminate the possibility of wandering.

“This proactive technology can create a sense of security and safety on the part of the caregiver to encourage independence, physical activity and engagement in the community,” said Dr. Sandra McKay, Director of Research at VHA Home HealthCare. “This solution can help pave the way for improving physical and psychological wellness of PLwD and their caregivers as well as prevent critical wandering events and premature institutionalizations.”

The findings from the project will enable better understanding of how technology can be integrated in the current senior care framework and provide direction on how wandering can be reduced through remote monitoring solutions. The key findings from the project will be shared with the wider community to ensure maximum benefit for all interested in maintaining healthy, vibrant, safe communities for PLwD.

About LocateMotion:

LocateMotion is a Canadian startup, focused on enabling senior care providers, medical institutions, and caregivers to provide timely care and safety to our aging population. Backed by the Canadian government and research grants, LocateMotion is driving innovation in senior care.

LocateMotion leverages technology to enable monitoring and care through their senior care platform. Their superior analytics engine is designed to determine individual risk profiles of seniors, keeping virtual track of chronic conditions, and ultimately aiming to mitigate and prevent emergency incidents such as falls and wandering.