Definitive Caregivers Guide To Decrease Wandering Risk In Seniors [Part 3]

In the previous Caregivers Guide (part one and part two), we covered identifying wandering habits. Proactive caregivers of loved ones and patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can take notes to understand the subtleties of wandering.

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In the final part of the Caregivers Guide, we will discuss the underlying causes of wandering. Let’s dive in!

Get to the Bottom of Wandering

The underlying causes of wandering can be different in each loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The key is to identify these underlying causes to get a better understanding, and develop a potential prevention plan.

Underlying causes of wandering can be old routines, new issues with the diseases, and needs not being met.

To get to the bottom of wandering, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Was your loved one or patient very active before the disease?
  • Do they get past and present confused?
  • What activity did they used to do during the time and frequency of their wandering (going to work, meeting friends, etc.)?
  • Does your loved one need anything, like hunger, exercise, or any other unmet needs?
  • Do they know their surroundings, and if so, do they recognize them?
  • Is your loved one getting enough activity? Are they bored?
  • Do they seem nervous or anxious?
  • Have they recently moved to a new environment?
  • Are they taking new medications?
  • Has their been a change in the normal routine recently?
  • Once you pinpoint potential underlying causes, you can develop a plan and decide if interventions to wandering are needed.

Caregiver Guide Prevention and Interventions

During your analysis, you may find that the wandering is not a routine at all, and maybe the cause is nothing deeper than hunger or a change in routine. This would be a non-intervention or prevention scenario.

However, you may find that your loved one or patient is wandering due to a deep-rooted past routine. Like trying to go to a job or meet with friends. This would require an intervention and prevention plan.

Keep Loved One’s Safe with the GPS Caregiver Watch

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