Health Monitoring Devices: How Sensights.AI Integrates with Various Devices to Provide Real-Time Data and Insights

Medically Reviewed By: Dr Hanif Chatur

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Key Takeaways 

  • connects health devices and gives data and insights to patients and doctors.
  • allows remote patient monitoring, a type of telehealth that uses patient health data from devices1.
  • benefits patients and doctors with better health, engagement, costs, care, efficiency, and revenue.

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Health monitoring devices are electronic gadgets that can measure and record various health parameters, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and more. These devices can be worn on the body, implanted under the skin, or held in the hand. They can help patients and doctors monitor health conditions, manage chronic diseases, prevent complications, and improve outcomes.

However, health monitoring devices alone are not enough to provide effective and personalized care. They need to be integrated with a platform that can collect, transmit, analyze, and communicate the data they generate. This is where comes in. is a cloud-based platform that connects various health monitoring devices and provides real-time data and insights to patients and doctors. enables remote patient monitoring, which is a subset of telehealth that involves the collection, transmission, evaluation, and communication of patient health data from electronic devices.

How Sensights.AI Works

Sensights.AI works in four simple steps:

  1. Data collection: Sensights.AI integrates with various health monitoring devices, such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, pulse oximeters, thermometers, and more. These devices can be connected to via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular network. collects the data from these devices and stores it securely in the cloud.
  2. Data transmission: Sensights.AI transmits the data from the cloud to the authorized users, such as patients and doctors. Patients can access their own data through a mobile app or a web portal. Doctors can access their patients’ data through a dashboard or an electronic health record (EHR) system.
  3. Data analysis: Sensights.AI analyzes the data using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). Sensights.AI can detect trends, patterns, anomalies, and risks in the data. Sensights.AI can also provide personalized feedback, recommendations, and interventions based on the data.
  4. Data communication: Sensights.AI communicates the data and insights to the users through various channels. Patients can receive notifications, alerts, reminders, tips, and education through the app or portal. Doctors can receive reports, summaries, alerts, and suggestions through the dashboard or EHR system.

Benefits of Sensights.AI

Sensights.AI offers many benefits for both patients and doctors:

  • For patients:
    • Improved health outcomes: Sensights.AI can help patients monitor their health conditions, manage their chronic diseases, prevent complications, and improve their quality of life.
    • Enhanced patient engagement: Sensights.AI can help patients stay motivated, informed, and empowered about their health. Sensights.AI can also help patients communicate with their doctors and caregivers more easily and effectively.
    • Reduced costs: Sensights.AI can help patients save money by reducing the need for frequent visits to the hospital or clinic. Sensights.AI can also help patients avoid unnecessary tests or treatments by providing accurate and timely data and insights.
  • For doctors:
    • Improved care delivery: Sensights.AI can help doctors provide better care to their patients by giving them access to real-time data and insights. Sensights.AI can also help doctors make more informed decisions and tailor their treatments to each patient’s needs and preferences.
    • Enhanced workflow efficiency: Sensights.AI can help doctors save time and resources by automating the data collection, transmission, analysis, and communication processes. Sensights.AI can also help doctors reduce errors and improve compliance by integrating with their existing systems and protocols.
    • Increased revenue potential: Sensights.AI can help doctors generate more revenue by expanding their patient base, increasing their service offerings, and optimizing their billing and reimbursement processes.


Health monitoring devices are becoming more popular and accessible as a form of health care in the digital age. However, they need to be integrated with a platform that can provide real-time data and insights to patients and doctors. Sensights.AI is such a platform that connects various health monitoring devices and enables remote patient monitoring. Sensights.AI offers many benefits for both patients and doctors in terms of improved health outcomes, enhanced engagement, reduced costs, improved care delivery, enhanced workflow efficiency, and increased revenue potential.

MarkiTech.AI is a team of over 50 software engineers, data scientists and clinicians plus other health practitioners who have developed over 40 digital health solutions in the last 10 years such as SenSights.AI, and which focus on helping older adults and their caregivers like family, physicians, nurses etc., age in place, reduce costs and improve revenue opportunities.