How to select your Telehealth Provider

How to select your Telehealth Provider 

We can see how COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the use of telehealth. In the US its use has increased by 38 times and investments in virtual care and digital health has increased 3 times compared to 2017. In Canada, Ontario, where the headquarters of our company are based there were ​​$14.5 million invested to support home and community care service providers. The main goal of telehealth is to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the vulnerable population like seniors. 


With more market potential and rising competition, it is important to select the telehealth provider that will fit your needs. 

Important telehealth components 


  • HIPAA compliance 

HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is a national standard for healthcare organizations that needs to be in place to protect private patient’s data from exposure. To be considered HIPPA compliant, the message needs to be encrypted from a secure server. These messages are accessible for healthcare providers anywhere where there is Internet access. It allows physicians and clinicians to monitor their patients on the go through a cloud-based dashboard. 


  • EMR/EHR Integration 

In our age of technologies interoperability became of primary importance. The telehealth solution should help you to keep all your medical data in one place. It makes data centralized without a need for double documentation. This integration allows the exchange of biometric data, patient demographics, and care plan information. It also opens more opportunities for artificial intelligence and machine-learning to identify the at risk patients and provide predictions. EMR integration with telehealth increases the healthcare provider efficiency and improves the quality of care. 


  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients with chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases require constant monitoring by healthcare providers. Remote patient monitoring allows healthcare providers to monitor the vitals of their patients remotely and address the problems in a timely manner. It also allows the creation of insightful reports so that caregivers can analyze this information over a time period to compare the readings. 


  • Omni-channel strategy 

Good telehealth solution should have both: synchronous and asynchronous ways of communication. Synchronous communication is mostly used for virtual appointments to ensure 2-way interaction, ongoing care and in-depth analysis. Asynchronous communication is used for less urgent communication and medical results sharing. It allows healthcare providers to review the patients’ data, get health reports and analyze them at their convenience. Both ways of communication complement each other, provide more flexibility to healthcare providers and allow them to prioritize tasks and use their time more effectively. 


  • Mobile health 

Healthcare needs to be supported by mobile communication. The use of mobile health apps provides convenience to patients. It allows users to continuously track their health data. Now the mobile health apps have become more powerful, they contain medication and appointment reminders, laboratory results history, advice, fitness videos. Combined with other devices like fall detection sensors it can send the alerts to the mobile app of a caregiver, so it helps patients to monitor their health autonomously and to stay in constant interaction with their circle of care. 

SenSights Care 

Our SenSights Care Tablet Solution makes monitoring seniors and patients with chronic conditions like COVID-19, Memory, Falling, Wandering, Wellness, Diabetes, COPD/CHF and other illnesses effortless and convenient. The use of audio, video and text communication via phone and popular social media platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)  would help seniors to be constantly connected to the 24/7 nurse help desk in the region. The Touchless Camera-Free Fall Detection sensor(s) connected to the SenSights Care app would notify the nurse desk if the fall occurred, so they can provide timely help to the patient. Contactless Wellness Monitoring is also available for seniors via Veyetals app embedded in SenSights Care Solution. So, forgetting to put on wearables for health monitoring is not an issue anymore. The main indicators that are tracked include Falls, Activity, Ambient Sensing, Geolocation, Steps, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiration Level, Temperature, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose. The family members and doctors could also be added to the circle of care and receive medical alerts in case of health deterioration or emergency. The remote health monitoring is secure and Ontario verified. 


We are a North American-based startup that provides comprehensive capabilities for home care organizations to manage their senior care services using state-of-art AI and 5G technologies and allow for a greater independence. We are uniquely positioned as we are the only one with a combination of

  • Ambient or touchless fall detection
  • Device-less or contactless wellness monitoring
  • Comprehensive Mobile, Tablet and Web Solution for Seniors, Caregivers and Agency
  • Complete Out of box Telehealth and TeleMedicine Platform with integration with over 15+ smart devices and several leading EMRs/EHRs like PointClick Care, Cerner and many more in pipeline
  • Over 40+ Data Scientists, Engineers and Medical Advisors to help integrate and improve digital transformation journey of our client with services, products and platform focused on senior market


We provide the best in class health platform for patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care. Patients are guided on smartphones, tablets and computers from preparation through recovery with the help of reminders, education and activity tracking. Providers can receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. Health systems use SenSights Care to improve patient satisfaction while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and costs.


We would like to work with you to help you grow your business with our unique business model of sharing revenue with healthcare providers.


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