5 most useful health tech solutions at the CES 2023

This year, the CES conference has hosted 2,200 companies from around the world to share their latest innovations with 100,000 attendees who came to Las Vegas. The CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the biggest global conferences taking place every year in the US. The SenSights.AI team has also attended  the CES to stay up to date on new technology and demo Veyetals, Prick-less Glucose Monitoring Solution.  


In this blog, we will share with you the 5 most useful health tech solutions presented at the CES 2023.

1. Continuous lung sounds analysis with AeviceMD by Aevice Health

Credit: Aevice Health

The Singaporean medical technology firm, Aevice Health, has developed AeviceMD,  a smart wearable  stethoscope for continuous cardiopulmonary monitoring. The lightweight sensor, with a size of the US half dollar coin, monitors health parameters like respiratory rate, heart rate, wheeze and cough. All the data is further sent to an app for easy monitoring and historic data tracking. 


Recently, Aevice Health has conducted a clinical trial with Singapore’s National University Health system to develop a predictive model for asthma attacks. Aevice Health has also launched the kids version of their wearable called AireSone Junior. The device is designed to track the vital signs of a child during his sleep. AireSone Junior provides a sleep analysis and monitors the blood pressure and respiratory rate of a child for parents’ peace of mind.

2. Urine analysis with Withings’ U-Scan

Credit: Angela Moscaritolo

The French consumer electronic company, Withings, brought health monitoring to a completely new level with its U-Scan home urinalysis. With the use of the small scanner installed in a toilet bowl, U-scan can seamlessly collect urine to detect, measure, and analyze multiple biomarkers in it. Some of the things U-Scan is able to measure are ketone, vitamin C level, pH level and surges of luteinizing hormone to keep control of the menstrual cycles. 

Urine is an indicator for multiple infections and diseases as well as health problems and conditions like dehydration and pregnancy. So, this device can help you to gain control over your health and motivate you to improve your diet and habits. All the data is sent to the U-Scan app for easy tracking and analysis. U-scan is a step forward towards preventive medicine which can help you to live healthier, prevent disease progression and save money for the healthcare sector.  

3. Snoring prevention with 10 minds’ Motion Pillow

Credit: 10minds

Are you snoring during the night? If not, I bet some of your loved ones are. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, nearly half of adults snore, and over 25 percent are habitual snorers. Besides the discomfort that it could cause to people sleeping with you, snoring affects the quality of your sleep making you feel tired even after the long sleeping hours. It also leads to long-term health implications like obstructive sleep apnea and heart abnormalities.


To avoid all these consequences and prevent snoring, Korea-based 10minds company has elaborated a smart Motion Pillow to stop snoring. The Motion Pillow uses AI to detect snoring sounds and make the pillow literally move by inflating the internal air pockets to change your head position. And, as it works with all the solutions using AI technology, the more you use it, the more it adapts to you and becomes more accurate.

4. 10-seconds toothbrush by Y-Brush 

Credit: Y-Brush NylonStart

As you know, dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes to remove any bacteria, plaque and debris build up. Yes, 2 minutes is a recommended time, but what is the real time of brushing for most of the adults? According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the average person brushes his teeth for only 45-70 seconds per day. The fact is that we often overestimate how long we brush our teeth plus it is not that exciting exercise. What would you say if we tell you that you can save your time on teeth brushing without compromising the quality of brushing and your health?


Thanks to the French dentists and Y-Brush NylonStart  who made it possible. Y-Brush NylonStart has developed an innovative 10-seconds toothbrush. It looks like a mouthguard that you  in the mouth and with the use of 35,000 nylon bristles and sonic vibration, it makes teeth brushing fast and convenient.

5. Mental performance improvement with Alphabeats’ EEG Headset

Credit: Alphabeats

This year Alphabeats, a Dutch neurofeedback startup, was recognized as an innovation award honored by CES. The company has developed a smart headband for athletes that uses neurofeedback.


Alphabeats’ promise is to increase the mental performance of the athletes and provide them with mental clarity and focus. The device gathers cognitive insights with a portable EEG headset like brain activity. Then “it guides brain activity by dynamically adjusting user-selected music through a patented algorithm”. Recently, the company has announced its collaboration with Garmin, a leading global provider of smartwatches, fitness trackers, and digital health solutions, as part of a mental training pilot with professional sport clubs in the Netherlands.

Technologies help us live smarter, not harder, so let’s use them to meet healthcare needs, prevent disease development and progression and give everybody access to care. Share in the comments which health tech solutions have impressed you the most. 

About Prick-less Glucose Monitoring Solution by SenSights.AI

SenSights.AI didn’t have a booth at the CES 2023, but we have demoed our Remote Patient Monitoring platform at the private event during the CES 2023. 

SenSights RPM is a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), Principal Care Management (PCM) and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) platform to help monitor patients, maximize revenue for physicians and increase patient engagement!
One of the key differentiators of SenSights.AI is its Contactless Vitals Monitoring functionality called Veyetals. Veyetals allows you to measure your vital signs (completely contactless, no wearables required), using the front-facing camera to perform a facial scan (via rPPG technology) within 30 seconds.

We are able to detect the following biometrics with 90-95% accuracy (conditions apply):

  • Blood Glucose Measurement (BGM)
    • Beta version launched during the CES 2023
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Oxygen Saturation (O2)
  • Mental Stress Level
  • Blood Pressure 

Veyetals’ Blood Glucose Measurement is a Contactless, Affordable, Absolutely Painless Prick-Free way to monitor diabetes.

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