TORONTO, ONTARIO,  March 3, 2021 


LocateMotion (SenSights.AI) is excited to announce that we have received $31,650 in international market development funding from the Government of Canada’s CanExport for Businesses (SMEs)


CanExport SMEs has partnered with LocateMotion to help our startup develop export opportunities across the US target markets for our digital health intelligence platform, SenSights.AI. Our key target states for market development activities include California, Texas and Florida. 


Nauman Jaffar, LocateMotion (SenSights.AI) founder, states: 


“At the heart of LocateMotion is a diverse group of AI and digital health experts who are passionate about what they do – utilizing the latest technologies to help make healthcare more accessible around the globe. For this reason, we are thrilled to have received business development funding from CanExport SMEs, which will help us develop export opportunities across California, Texas and Florida.”


About CanExport (SMEs) Program


CanExport provides funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), registered in Canada, for international business development activities. CanExport may fund a variety of activities including, but not limited to, “gathering market intelligence, applying for certifications in international markets, applying for intellectual property protection in international markets and attending virtual trade shows, networking functions, meetings and conferences” (Trade Commissioner Service). SMEs have the opportunity to receive up to $75,000 in allowable funding for the above-mentioned market development activities.  



About LocateMotion (SenSights.AI)

LocateMotion is the developer of SenSights.AI, an easy to use health intelligence platform that helps older adults’ aging in place by creating a digital twin. SenSights.AI provides important insights about health informatics using a mobile or desktop through 24/7 remote wellness monitoring. Their platform tracks the progression of early cognitive decline by capturing vitals, daily notes, medication effects, feelings, behavior and finally assessing and suggesting virtual interventions based on risk-levels. Users can share their profile for seamless communication of important routines, alerts, and general well-being. Healthcare entities can request access to their patients’ or employees’ health information, including a digital COVID19 screening test provided as part of the Safe2Work solution. 


Our goal is to help physicians and caregivers manage patient health through our remote monitoring solutions, health data insights and infection detection and integration with various EMR/EHR capabilities. We are device-agnostic; i.e. able to connect with any device from wearables to smartphones, FDA devices as well as apps and ambient sensors.


For more information, please contact us at:


1 (844) 462-7548