LocateMotion (Sensights.AI) joins TELUS L-Spark Med Tech Accelerator

LocateMotion (SenSights.AI) is excited to announce that we have been accepted into TELUS L-SPARK MedTech Accelerator. We, alongside seven other amazing companies, will be learning how to address emerging and post-pandemic healthcare needs. 


Who is L-SPARK?


L-SPARK, a leading Canadian business and technology accelerator, in collaboration with TELUS, has released details of the first cohort of its medical technology (MedTech) accelerator program, in conjunction with BlackBerry, Solace, and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).


Announced in July 2020, the TELUS L-SPARK MedTech Accelerator program provides a technology platform for MedTech innovators to enable the creation, integration, and commercialization of highly secure connected medical devices and related software, including AI-enabled applications.


The companies were part of a rigorous selection process that culminated in pitches to a

12-member selection panel that included corporate partners along with representatives of the Canadian health ecosystem and experienced MedTech investors.


Kelly Holman of Genesys Capital, a member of the panel, shared that, “the quality and diversity of the pitches reinforced that the MedTech industry is certainly alive and well in Canada. Being involved in the selection panel was an exciting opportunity to see the incredible innovation of Canadian startups addressing emerging healthcare needs first hand.”


The program’s first cohort is set to include:




Chirp has created an ambient sensing device to remotely monitor the well-being of aging adults.




Dispension is pioneering secure automated IoT kiosks equipped with advanced biometrics and virtual care capabilities for restricted product distribution.




HelpWear has developed the HeartWatch, a continuous, wearable heart monitoring system worn on a patient’s bicep for prevention, detection and better treatment of heart-related illness.


Home Health Systems


Home Health Systems has created the SafetyPatch, a 24/7 real time remote vital signs monitoring solution for elder care, inpatient and outpatient monitoring, and athlete safety and performance.


Hyivy Health Inc.


Hyivy Health has created a pelvic rehabilitation device with track-able data for women who have pelvic cancers and diseases to help alleviate pelvic health symptoms after a devastating diagnosis, treatment or surgery.




LocateMotion is a health intelligence startup, with a device-agnostic, AI-powered platform, SenSights.AI, that enables real-time telehealth services, predictive wellness insights, and innovative care models for senior care.


NERv Technology Inc.


NERv is a clinical-stage medtech startup utilizing the plethora of data within the body to detect postoperative complications at their onset. Our first application focuses on anastomotic (gastrointestinal) leaks that can arise after GI surgeries.


Qidni Labs


Qidni Labs, Inc. is developing a waterless wearable/portable blood purification system that would provide home-based dialysis for patients with kidney failure as well as convenient access to treatment for the millions of patients who currently do not have access to dialysis. 


Read about how L-SPARK is shaping the future of healthcare at MedTech: the future of healthcare is here.

You can also call or email us at 1 (844) 462-7548 and support@locatemotion.com, respectively, for more information on how SenSights.AI helps healthcare providers manage senior care.