8 Must Read Alzheimer’s Blogs for 2018

Alzheimer’s disease affects over five million Americans. It is a brain disease that can impact a person at any age, especially those 65 and over. The disease progression can be slow or fast, and the impact it has on families can be difficult.

The most important aspect behind Alzheimer’s disease is that you are not alone. Your loved one with the brain disease is among millions. Why is this important? You have plenty of information and support channels to pull resources from.

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Here are a few Alzheimer’s statistics you should know right from the start:

Alzheimer's Facts Infographic LocateMotion

To help you to get more knowledge about Alzheimer’s, as well as find solace in the stories of others affected, we compiled a list of must read Alzheimer’s blogs for 2018.

1. Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Bob DeMarco created Alzheimer’s Reading Room, inspired by his mother Dorothy, a person affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The blog is a place where caregivers can find information and support.

2. Sharing My Life with Lewy Body Dementia

Sharing My Life with Lewy Body Dementia is a blog dedicated to life with Lewy body dementia (LBD). This type of dementia affects both brain and body, and those with loved ones with LBD can find helpful information in this blog.

3. Elder Care at Home Blog

If you are looking for information on dementia senior care and caregiver support tips, Elder Care at Home is a great blog. Suggestions, tips, and guidelines on transitions for families who have a loved one with dementia can all be found in this blog.

4. Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

Linda Fisher created Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog after her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Linda became caregiver to her husband and her blog shares information and stories about how the disease impacts both caregivers and those with the disease from a real life perspective.

5. Alzheimer’s Speaks

Alzheimer’s Speaks was created by Lori La Bey with the aim of making people more aware of the negative mindset associated with the disease. The blog and site cover personal stories, caregiving tips, and lessons of past experiences. It is a great resource for families searching for more information and a helping hand.

6. Memories From My Life

Pat White created Memories From My Life after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The blog highlights personal stories as a caregiver and trending news on the disease, and other memory loss research that is coming out.

7. Living in the Shadows of Alzheimer’s

Sheri, the author behind Living in the Shadow’s of Alzheimer’s is her husband’s caregiver. Her husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and frontal lobe dementia. The blog has plenty of support group and organization resources for those with a loved one living with the disease.

8. LocateMotion Blog

LocateMotion Blog covers a wide range of topics, from Alzheimer’s and dementia to caregiver tips and support. The main aim behind this blog is to share timely information to help caregivers and families take care of themselves while taking care of loved ones with brain diseases. There are also plenty of blog posts on wandering.

These are a few of our favorite blogs and we hope you find them informative and powerful resources for caregiver support.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are serious brain diseases that affect more than just the person living with the disease. Families and caregivers need to come together and support one another. What better place than online!


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