Aging Parents? 12 Senior Care Questions To Ask

Questions will come up when aging parents reach that moment when senior care may be needed. The better you understand senior care and what’s needed and involved, the better prepared you will be to make an informed decision for your aging parents.

Some common senior care questions include:

  • How will my aging parents react to senior care?
  • Will you pay for in-home caregivers?
  • Should aging parents go to a senior living community?
  • Will you become the caregiver?
  • How much is this going to cost?

Getting to the bottom of these common caregiver questions is important for you and your loved ones. Let’s take a deeper look at what questions you need to ask about senior care for your aging parents.

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What Level of Senior Care is Needed?

The first step to answering many senior care questions is to identify the level of care needed. This will give you a good look at the abilities and resources needed.

Aging parent level of care questions include:

  • Can they walk around the house without risk for falling?
  • Can they perform hygiene tasks?
  • Do they still clean the home without risk of injury?
  • Can they answer the phone in a safe and speedy manner?
  • Can they take medications properly and without reminders?
  • Are they becoming confused and having trouble remembering (Alzheimer’s Disease)?
  • What community and family support is available?

These questions to identify the level of care needed puts health, safety, and independence under the microscope. You should also seek support and advice from doctors and other healthcare professionals to identify other risks you may have overlooked.

Costs of Caregiving is Important Consideration

The level of care can come in many forms. In-home caregiving to nursing facilities are all on the table when discussing senior care for aging parents. There are also financial issues that will arise.

The decision to give in-home care can cost up to $150 per day. Care in a nursing facility can be as high as $200 per day, up to $6,000 monthly.

Senior Care Cost Monthly

Can you afford this?

Most families with aging parents in need of caregiving of some form will rely on personal savings, as well as help from other family members and community resources.

The choice is difficult, but there is a way to delay full-time senior care. By using technology, you can keep your loved one safe, healthy, and happy.

The Caregiver Watch Provides Aging Parents with Independence

Loved ones who may have some difficulty on their own can now be in touch with family 24/7 from anywhere. The Caregiver Watch is a GPS watch for seniors, allowing family members to track, locate, chat, schedule activities, and more.

Aging parents can hold onto the independence and respect they earned and deserved for a little longer with a GPS tracking device. To learn more, simply click below.

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