Top 4 Alzheimer’s Memory Tests for Your Loved Ones

Has your loved one taken an Alzheimer’s memory test? Are they displaying signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? It can be difficult to tell in the disease’s early stages. Many signs could be a result of natural aging.

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You can use the following Alzheimer’s memory tests to detect a loved one’s possible cognitive impairment. Memory loss, judgment, and thinking processes may also be examined using a memory test as well.

Let’s take a look at the top four memory tests for Alzheimer’s and dementia you and your loved one may want to take.

1. Self-Administered Geocognitive Examination (SAGE)

The SAGE memory test for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia takes only 15 minutes to take. This test is great for analyzing your loved one’s memory. It is also used for early Alzheimer’s detection.

2. Clock Draw Test

The Alzheimer’s clock drawing test is another useful tool to help detect cognitive impairment. It is used to help you and doctors to separate normal aging issues from potential dementia. You can easily do this test at home and use it to make a decision if your loved one needs to see a specialist.

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3. Mini-Cog Test

The mini-cog test is a quick three-minute test used to detect early stage Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is important to note that this test had a pretty decent degree of accuracy, about 83 percent on average.

4. Dr. Oz Alzheimer’s Memory Quiz

You probably know who Dr. Oz is, but did you know he has a memory test to help people detect Alzheimer’s disease? The Dr. Oz memory test is one way to understand if you and your loved one should see a doctor about cognitive issues.

Use Tech to Sharpen Your Loved One’s Memory

If your loved one is having more than the usual number of senior moments, it may be a good idea to use one or more of the above memory tests. Sharpening the memory is also a great way to potentially slow Alzheimer’s disease progression.

The Caregiver Watch does this. With built-in memory games, your loved one can continue to keep his or hers brain sharp. The Caregiver Watch is also more than a memory sharpening tech device. It serves as a GPS watch to track and locate loved ones who wander.

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