Should Caregivers Let Elderly Loved Ones Use Uber?

Is your elderly loved one still driving? One of the biggest concerns for caregivers of elderly loved ones is their safety behind the wheel. Taking the keys may be coming soon, but how do you still give them their independence? Could Uber be a solution?

Elderly loved ones still need to get around without their caregivers. This makes Uber an option for many families with aging parents

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Depending on where you and your elderly loved one lives, taxi may be out of the question. But Uber is available in many cities and towns, both large and small.

You most certainly want your elderly loved ones to feel independent and respected. Without the option to drive, they may feel like an inconvenience if you, family members, and even friends of the family start driving them around.

Here are a few important details caregivers of elderly loved ones should know.

Uber Potential Option for Elderly Loved Ones

How does Uber fit into the elderly driving situation for families? There are actually a variety of benefits to elderly loved ones taking Uber. There are also a few pitfalls. Knowing them as a caregiver is important to making this timely decision. To Uber, or not to Uber, that is the question!

Benefits of Using Uber for Elderly Loved Ones

  • First and foremost, your aging parent has a safer option than if they were driving.
  • Uber lets caregivers and elderly loved ones know when they are outside and ready. This is great for cold and rainy days.
  • It is cheaper than a taxi with better customer service.
  • Aging parents can share their itinerary details and arrival times.

Using Uber for elderly loved ones can also be very beneficial to those with disabilities such as vision, hearing, and mobility. UberASSIST is for handicapped passengers.

This is a great option for aging parents and caregivers without handicap equipped vehicles. Now that we know the benefits, let’s look at a few pitfalls.

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Pitfalls of Using Uber for Elderly Loved Ones

  • The background checks on Uber drivers are still a bit obscure. More transparency could be beneficial in this aspect.
  • Drivers need to rush at times to make more money. This could cause unsafe situations on the road.
  • The Uber app can be complicated for some elderly loved ones. It would require some training for aging parents to work with ease.  

For the most part, most Uber rides are quite pleasant. Even though there are pitfalls, Uber does present a new way for aging parents to get around independently.

Should Caregivers Let Aging Parents Use Uber?

This is a great question that needs to be seen in time. The implementation of uberASSIST is the first step to combining the rideshare economy with the elderly and disabled.

When it comes to elderly loved ones using the app, you can always order a ride for them. This would allow you to see when they are picked up, their route, arrival time, and more. This could be an option to ensure safety when elderly loved ones are out and about.

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