10 Reasons Old Age Is Awesome For Elderly

Caregivers of elderly loved ones and patients get a rare glimpse into old age. Sure, there are some not so great moments. But there are some benefits to old age that make getting older pretty awesome.

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From naps to general politeness from everyone, here are 10 reasons old age isn’t as bad as one may think.

Awesome Things About Old Age

  1. Stains on clothing are an afterthought.
  2. The elderly have plenty of time to take naps.
  3. They can sleep anywhere and it’s ok, especially park benches.
  4. An open fly is no longer embarrassing for you, or anyone who sees it.
  5. You can reread any book, because you probably forgot what it was about.
  6. Every day is a vacation day.
  7. Elderly no longer have a boss to report to, except their caregiver.
  8. They get discounts at any restaurant they dine at.
  9. People are generally more polite to elderly folks.
  10. If they forget something, it is chalked up to being a “senior moment.”

Caregivers Know Best

There are plenty of reasons aging is awesome. Caregivers know this all to well. Many caregivers get the question, “Isn’t caring for someone elderly sad?” Not at all. There are hard times, but generally, every day is a journey into new things.

There are also plenty of reasons being a caregiver is awesome. But be sure to keep your health and wellness a top priority. You certainly want to enjoy the time you spend with your elderly loved one or patient. If you let caregiver stress get the best of you, you simply can’t enjoy anything.

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