Dementia Tips: 6 Stress Free Ways to Dress Your Loved Ones

Knowing how to dress loved ones with dementia is essential to any caregiver. Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member, having a few dementia tips to dress loved ones is good for everyone. Make getting dressed a stress free experience for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Dementia Tips #1: Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a staple to successfully dressing your loved one with dementia. It can eliminate a lot of stress the morning of and it is a fantastic way to include your loved one in the process. Discuss together what they would like to wear based on the weather or the occasion. Have them hang each item of clothing and be fully part of the wardrobe choices the night before.

Dementia Tips #2: Give Your Loved One Options

It is very important to remember that your loved one is not a child. They are still adults and should be treated with respect. Giving them options and having them choose their outfit the night before allows them to feel confident and dignified. Always ensure you are letting them express their independence, even if their fashion sense is slightly different than your own.

Dementia Tips #3: Think About the Weather

When preparing the next day’s clothing be sure to consider the weather. If you’re loved one is very elderly, they’re more sensitive to the elements, so an extra layer in winter could be a great choice. Stretchy winter clothing with snap buttons and Velcro are also great wardrobe choices for loved ones with dementia.

Dementia Tips #4: Create a Comfortable Environment

Do you enjoy getting dressed in a cold room in the morning? Probably not, so the same rule of thumb for dressing your loved one with dementia applies. Getting dressed will be less stressful if your loved one can do it in a comfortable environment. Make sure the room is at a nice temperature and you can even play some of their favorite music to make the mood positive.

Dementia Tips #5: Let Them Dress Themselves When Possible

This dementia dress tip really depends on the level of cognitive ability of your loved one. They may need a little help getting dressed or you may need to offer just a little guidance to move them forward. You can ask them to put their shirt on and then give a compliment about the shirt to give them confidence. Everyone loves compliments, regardless of any disease.

Dementia Tips #6: Schedule Enough Time

No one likes to rush in the morning, not even your loved one with dementia. This makes scheduling enough time to get dressed in the morning essential. Don’t rush the process and remember, they spent years dressing you, so return the favor and be as patient as possible.

Make it a Stress Free Experience . . .

Getting your loved one with dementia dressed can certainly be a stress free event. With a little planning, time, and keeping them involved in the process is a recipe for morning success. What dementia tips do you have for getting loved ones dressed?

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