How Canadians are welcoming Digital Healthcare system

Over the past two decades, the banking industry has seen technological innovations in credit cards, ATMs, and online banking, which have greatly reduced administrative costs and made banking easier for users. Innovations in chip technology have helped the hardware industry reduce the cost of computers, leading to increased demand and lower costs for the industry. In the same way, digital technology has made it easier for patients and doctors to access each other and get things worked out.


 In this article, we will learn how Canadians have welcomed technology in the healthcare system and what new reforms have been made.

New digital healthcare companies in Canada you should know about

Canada spends more of its GDP on healthcare than its fellow organizations. That is why they are striving hard to bring new revolutions in the healthcare department that will surely bring the best future results. Here we will discuss some emerging and top digital healthcare companies in Canada.



  • Curatio

Curatio works by connecting people with the same health problem through private social network. In this way, they share their details and the practitioner who helped them achieve good results. They can also provide moral support to combat chronic illnesses. This proves time-saving as well as health-promoting for many.



  • Think research

Thinkreseasrch, being committed to primary and long-term healthcare, ThinkResearch creates technological solutions that simplify the clinical decision-making process. For example, its Order Sets solution provides a standardized way for hospitals to streamline workflows so doctors can treat patients faster and lower costs. Other products help organize progress notes, submissions, forms, and more.



  • Inkblot Therapy

Inkblot understands the critical nature of mental health services. Research shows that virtual/video therapy is just as effective as in-person, meaning that a person’s location will not affect who their counselor is. 

And whether a person has depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues, Inkblot connects them with their recommended best provider and meets their needs. In addition, Inkblot works with organizations to address and implement employee mental health initiatives.



  • SenSightsRPM

SenSightsRPM aims to save time and money and promote patient health in many ways. These include the contactless screening of vitals, protection from falls, chronic disease management, and an on-call team of registered nurses daily monitoring patients.


Their devices help the patient measure their vitals, i.e., blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature. The record will help the patients in the management of chronic diseases. This has proven to be beneficial for most of the users and its demand is increasing day by day in the healthcare industry.



How Digital healthcare system is NOW Trending among Canadians

According to a report, titled “The Future of Connected Health Care“, found that most respondents believed that technology could reduce waiting times and improve access through virtual visits, and robotic-assisted surgery could improve overall health.


The majority of the 2,005 respondents felt that technology has already been good for their health, with 68% believing that it has helped their doctor to inform them and 63% believing that it has improved their medical experience.


This is a great advancement in digital healthcare as people have started trusting it. For sure, they are going to have better results in the future. Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world, is now revolutionizing health and other digital fields.


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