How AI maintains Privacy in healthcare?

Before going into the discussion, let’s first discuss artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the use of human intelligence processes by machines. We can say that we give certain commands to computers, and they work exactly like a human in place of a human. These commands can be speech recognition, Voice recognition, expression recognition, and many more. Artificial intelligence has gained much importance in this modern era because it has eased human work and is more efficient.


AI in Healthcare

Like many other fields, AI has gained much importance in healthcare. Maintaining patient records, DNA testing, clinical testing, clinical documentation, and revenue cycle management is now possible without much human effort. Many Ai devices are also available in the fields that can now diagnose, measure many vitals, make a daily recode, analyze and provide efficient support to your illness. These work by collecting accurate data from many authentic sites and using it to cure the patient. These all allow contactless patient monitoring. 


Privacy concerns with AI in healthcare

We are living in the era of artificial intelligence. Now we have gone far away from the old methods of handwritten documentation and their handling in the workplace. This was a difficult task as it was not easy to maintain records and save them. Some might get lost from the handler, and some may get damaged. Now, we can easily give a command to the Ai system, which maintains our records with full Privacy and security.


Patient confidentiality

To the extent healthcare is concerned, patients can fully trust an AI healthcare system. NHC processes all the data collected through AI. NHC is national healthcare established in America. As the patient’s data is sometimes private, the patient doesn’t want to share it with anyone other than the consultant doctor. The data recorded in the AI system is always secured. Only you and your physicians have access to the data. So, maintaining patient confidentiality is the main concern in the AI healthcare system.

According to Lorica,

       “So, the issue of Privacy is extremely pertinent in AI’s adoption. Patients need to be assured that their Privacy won’t be abused when giving their medical histories to a computer, instead of traditionally handwritten records.”


End result

The advantages that AI technologies can provide for the healthcare industry generate a lot of excitement. Data privacy protection is crucial in assuring these AI long-term use and success. And perhaps it has been addressed and fulfilled completely. So it is now time to develop modern with this modern era and make our lives easier with small efforts and large outcomes. 



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