SenSights.AI, an OTN-certified secure virtual care and telehealth platform

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Telehealth refers to the delivery and facilitation of medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care through telecommunications and digital communication technology. Technologies utilized in telehealth include live video conferencing, mobile health apps, “save and forward” electronic transmission, and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Sensights.AI is a platform that uses telehealth to improve society and make things easier.

What is SenSights.AI

SenSights is a remote patient monitoring and ageing solution that aids elders and medical facilities to treat seniors with chronic disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, falls, and other conditions.

The SenSights solution consists of three separate products and/or offerings:

  • Touchless Fall Detection
  • Contactless Wellness Monitoring
  • Convenience for seniors, caregivers, and agency

By combining physical visits with virtual care, preventing wandering and fall episodes, and providing proactive monitoring, risk profiles, and smart alerts through our SenSights Care app, the solution aids at-risk providers, skilled nursing, long-term living communities, home health providers, and other senior care entities in increasing their capacity. Healthcare Tech Outlook recognized Sensights.AI in 2021 as the best for patient interaction, remote monitoring, and virtual care.

  • Patients can measure their blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, and stress levels with the SenSights.AI app’s Veyetals extension.
  • The facial scan can be completed quickly—in about 30 seconds using a phone, tablet, or desktop camera.
  • AI offers 4D image sensors to detect falls and warn carers when they occur. Patient privacy is guaranteed by using radio waves rather than cameras.
  • Using technologies, SenSights.AI enables nurses and medical professionals to operate more effectively. Through the app, any urgent circumstance, such as falls or abnormal vital signs, is immediately notified to the caregivers.

SenSights is now OTN verified also. This ensures the patients’ safety, security and privacy while using the app.

What is OTN verification

The Ontario Telemedicine Network, or OTN, is a division of Ontario Health that manages the Canadian province’s healthcare system. The Network is in charge of establishing evidence-based guidelines that would allow front-line healthcare providers to conduct private and secure virtual consultations with members of their communities. Through their audits, OTN confirms criteria like privacy and interoperability in addition to security and secrecy to ensure the telehealth platform complies with technical specifications. They examine telemedicine capabilities, including chat, file sharing, and video and audio calling. Once the audit is completed, the telehealth platform will be listed on OTN’s official website as a recognized and validated telemedicine solution.

HOW OTN certification advantages patients and healthcare providers

Healthcare professionals and the patients they care for can rest easy knowing that their records have been verified and certified by OTN. The privacy and security requirements must be addressed because Patient Health Information (PHI) is sensitive personal data. Any compromise of patient information will undermine patient trust, increase the risk of lawsuits, and cost healthcare institutions a lot of money.

Why OTN Certification is vital for larger healthcare platforms

The advantages that AI technologies can provide for the healthcare industry generate a lot of excitement. Data privacy protection is crucial in assuring these AI long-term use and success. And perhaps it has been addressed and fulfilled completely. So it is now time to develop modern with this modern era and make our lives easier with small efforts and large outcomes. 

Future goals of SenSights.AI

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has moved mainly toward telecommunication. Now many offices in USA, UK, and Canada operate virtually. We have the same goal of developing a new era in the health field that will make patients comfortable at home in connection to their medical care professionals. Our RMP system has made it more accessible through virtual/online appointments with physicians. This saves hours spent n booking and waiting. The number of users of our services is increasing daily, and one day we will surely be able to spread it worldwide.

As far as physicians are concerned, they can work virtually in the comfort of their homes. The facility of auto collection of data, compiling, and the auto-generated differential diagnosis makes the work easier. In this way, they can directly focus on a specific disease rather than a group of diseases

To save time, and money, increase revenue and productivity and improve patient engagement and compliance, be careful to choose a dependable, secure telehealth and RPM supplier.


We are a North American-based startup that provides comprehensive capabilities for home care organizations to manage their senior care services using state-of-art AI and 5G technologies and allow for a greater independence. We are uniquely positioned as we are the only one with a combination of

  • Ambient or Touchless Fall Detection
  • Deviceless or Contactless Wellness Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Mobile, Tablet and Web Solution for Seniors, Caregivers and Agency
  • Complete Out-of-box Telehealth and TeleMedicine Platform with integration with over 15+ smart devices and several leading EMRs/EHRs like PointClick Care, Cerner and many more in pipeline
  • Over 40+ Data Scientists, Engineers and Medical Advisors to help integrate and improve digital transformation journey of our client with services, products and platform focused on senior market

We provide the best in class health platform for patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care. Patients are guided on smartphones, tablets and computers from preparation through recovery with the help of reminders, education and activity tracking. Providers can receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. Health systems use SenSights Care to improve patient satisfaction while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and costs.

We would like to work with you to help you grow your business with our unique business model of sharing revenue with healthcare providers.

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