Improving Geriatric Care and Reducing Hospitalization

What is Geriatric Care?

The process of developing and organizing quality health care for older adults and for those who require long-term assistance with their physical or mental problems to improve their quality of life is referred to as Geriatric Care Management. The term encompasses the entire care provided to older adults in terms of supervising and administering treatments provided to them along with social care services. Geriatric Care Providers operate throughout the continuum of care by working not only with a patient’s healthcare and psychological needs but also working with funding sources to assist the financial needs of the patient and his/her family.

Geriatric Care incorporates home care services, dietary services and activities for older adults to maintain a social life along with assisting them with their financial and legal needs. It is necessary for geriatric care providers to design care plans after assessing the requirements of an individual patient and customizing it so it generates the maximum benefit. However, once the plan is implemented, it would still entail continuous supervision ad modifications as and when required.

Geriatric home care

Older adults suffering from chronic illnesses would prefer to be surrounded by their loved ones, in an environment they find most comforting. Geriatric home care provides the opportunity for older adults to reap the benefits of quality care while at home. Geriatric care providers are responsible for ensuring that the older adults are monitored continuously and receive the assistance they require while going about their daily tasks. This gives them the sense of independence they need while also being consistently supervised by a caregiver who understands their medical needs. In some situations and care plans, a geriatric caregiver can also be a companion for an older adult who might be looking for companionship if in case his/her family members are unable to be physically present,

Advanced wellness care management for older adults

With advancement in healthcare and medical technologies, it is now possible for people to live longer and maintain a healthy life. This presents an opportunity for Geriatric Care Providers to create comprehensive care plans for a multitude of older adults who would be requiring assistance or companionship at home. Older adults now prefer their homes over moving to care institutions because of their familiar neighborhood, their own independent routine and the comfort their own environment provides to them.

Advanced wellness geriatric care management for older adults refers to the guidance provided to older adults and their families by geriatric care providers who not only educate and guide them but also help equip their homes with easy-to-use technology, legal, financial and medical help. The supervision of the older adult is systematically planned out with family members to accommodate them in the best possible way considering their limiting circumstance. The geriatric care provider will ensure that the older adult has personal are assistance, transportation, companionship, access to medical assistance and has his/her meals timely prepared.

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How to Improve Geriatric Quality of Care?

Improving geriatric care simply translates to enhancing the quality of care provided to an older adult who has opted to stay at home and be as independent as his/her condition allows him/her to be. The quality of care provided would result in a healthier life and reduction in hospital readmissions that are usually a cause of stress, depression and hospital-induced infections for older adults.

  1. Consistent Supervision of a Geriatric Care Provider:

A geriatric care provider will understand the needs of the older adult after assessing him/her and monitoring him/her over a period of time. He will then be in a position to craft out a care plan that manages the physical, medical and psychological needs of the older adult. For best results, the provider will consult the patient’s physician to understand and plan medical needs. Furthermore, the provider will also incorporate outdoor activities, family visits and dietary plans for the older adult to guarantee that he/she gets the best possible care.

  1. Improve Financial Management

It is imperative to understand and assess the financial standing of an older adult under a provider’s care. The financial portfolio must be in order and well managed with a weekly budget in place that looks after the expenses and bill payments. To improve geriatric care, and when considering a care plan, the older adult along with his/her family should ensure that financial matters are dealt with upfront so as to manage the stress of money and expenses.

  1. Excellent In-Home Care & Fun Outdoor Activities

The quality of In-Home Care must be superior and based on the routine and comfort of the older adult. While considering the best possible technological healthcare assistance to ensure all medical needs are fulfilled, it is also essential to equip the older adult with the understanding of how to function with healthcare devices. Quality In-Home Care would also require for the older adult to not be restricted to his/her bed but have a routine in place that encompasses their areas of interest and has daily activities that incorporate some form of physical exercise while ensuring they don’t cause them stress or exertion. Outdoor activities that may include gardening are also suggested to bring joy to some older adults as they take in fresh air and enjoy being outdoors.

  1. Ensuring their happiness

A happy and comfortable environment will definitely improve geriatric care and reduce hospital readmissions. It will boost good health and a content mind-set. Having a routine that is centered on their interests while also looking after their health needs, routinely family visits in-person or on video-calls, outdoor activities, healthy meals that are based on their dietary needs and an environment of their own choosing will certify that an older adult is receiving quality care that translates into quality life. This will essentially trigger better medical outcomes and geriatric home care under the supervision of a provider who shows compassion and serves as a friendly companion to an older adult will definitely ensure happiness.

Author at LocateMotionMaliha Safiullah is a Former Correspondent for 60 Minutes, Channel Nine Australia and is a published writer having worked as a Feature Writer for Dawn News.