Life-Changing Health Gadgets for Older Adults

Healthcare is being reformed by Remote Patient Monitoring as it utilizes ground-breaking technologies that perform real-time diagnoses supported by machine learning to wearables that collect and transmit patient data from a distance. The capabilities of remote patient monitoring gadgets for seniors though plentiful, can be simply categorized as being designed to monitor patient health outside the traditional medical facility settings by using precise technology to electronically collect and transmit data between patients and physicians.

With progress and advancement in technology, remote patient monitoring devices are smarter and more affordable as they provide an opportunity to remote patient monitoring companies and device manufacturers to discover uncharted revenue channels by offering services to consumers that were previously targeted to only medical facilities. The rationale of this is to not only monitor and provide necessary care to address a prevailing illness but to maintain good health and be informed about one’s health and wellness while additionally reducing hospitalization and related medical expenditures. Advancement in RPM technology has facilitated a change by advertently moving from contemporary medicine treatments to being utilized for prevention and primary care.

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7 Health Gadgets for Older Adults

The world over, the benefits of RPM technology are being availed by health systems and hospitals for providing better quality of care to patients, and improved outcomes with reduced costs. This enables healthcare that extends the influence of medical practitioners, allowing a continuous link between caregivers and patients while also providing a constant flow of real-time health data. With providers switching to RPM technology for better quality of care, improved results and reduction of costs, the gadgets for older adults in healthcare are becoming smarter and accessible.

  • Remote Exam Kit

For most people around the world, technological advancement in testing and collecting samples is the most anticipated service for healthcare systems. The design of a micro-sampling device will make it easier to collect biological fluid samples without the need of complex lab equipment or comprehensive training. The purpose of a micro-sampling device is to effortlessly collect, transport and analyze blood and urine samples to generate accurate data for medical analysis by a physician. The device works by drawing fluid from a patient from his/her home through tubes and be able to store it till it is transferred to the necessary medical staff.

Similarly, a remote exam kit that is equipped with a camera, a thermometer, a tongue depressor for examining the throat, an otoscope for ears, and a stethoscope for heart, lungs, and abdomens may administer a basic medical exam at home is of the most importance considering the current coronavirus pandemic, this health gadget then collaborates with a certified healthcare professional via teleconferencing app so a prompt diagnosis, treatment plan, and a prescription is provided.

For chronically ill patients or those restricted to their homes because of a lack of mobility or older age, can use this specialized gadget for seniors by being in the comfort of their homes and not be spending an entire stressful day at a clinic just to get a test done.

  • EKG Machine

Anyone with a history of heart issues or complications remains apprehensive about how he/she is doing and constant clinic visits are both expensive and time-consuming. For that purpose, healthcare device manufacturers have created portable EKG machines that allow a patient to monitor his/her cardiac activity in the comfort of their home. The EKG machine is not only convenient to use but is also a life-saver. It does not serve as a replacement to a physician and the stats need to be assessed in order to administer necessary care and treatment. It is, however, a necessary aid in managing heart patients remotely.

  • Portable Gluten Tester

A gluten tester is a small rechargeable, battery-powered device that detects gluten in a food item. People suffering from gluten sensitivity may use it by loading the device with a one-time disposable testing capsule that is then inserted with a food sample. Once loaded, the device then takes three minutes to assess the food and then displays whether it is gluten-free or not.

Gluten intolerances lead to a variety of problems from digestive complications to rashes, headaches, complicated skin issues, depression and a severity of it can lead to celiac disease. Closely monitoring a patient’s diet and avoiding exposure to gluten while being at home and not suffering through symptoms or being rushed to an emergency are benefits that this device provides.

  • 3-in-1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Technological advancements have led to healthcare manufacturers creating a compact device that incorporates the capabilities of three devices into one. A 3 in 1 blood pressure monitor is equipped with a system that assesses the blood pressure and has a medical-grade ECG along with a digital stethoscope that can detect valvular heart disease.  The readings on the device can be recorded and further examined by healthcare staff or physician who can then decide if any intervention is necessary.

  • Smart Glucometer

Globally, diabetes is considered to be the leading cause of heart and kidney disease and hence, a diabetic patient needs constant monitoring. Healthcare device manufacturers have now created a smart glucometer that works alongside a smart-phone app. It is small, convenient and easy to use and most importantly it generates accurate findings that may assist a patient in need of medical intervention. The app, furthermore, stores the data that can be utilized later for assessment and treatment purposes.

  • Brain Sensing Headband

When overburdened with stress, the body reacts too easily, resulting in a negative impact on a person’s mental and physical health. A brain sensing headband is designed to not only manage but also reduce stress. The headband when placed and set up provides real-time data on brain activity and directs you to attain peace and calm. It is equipped with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors that monitor the brain’s activity while in a meditative state. It then accumulates the data and transfers it to a smartphone, tablet or a computer via Bluetooth.

  • Pain Relief Device

An all-encompassing solution to pain is a pain relief device that offers multiple preprogrammed massage modes that include deep tissue, cupping, acupuncture and more. Equipped with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator and Powered Muscle Simulator, it functions by generating pulses to stimulate nerve fibers, and easing any pain. It is ideal for patients suffering from arthritis or patients who lack mobility and are restricted to a position which leads them to have muscle bed sores.

Author at LocateMotionMaliha Safiullah is a Former Correspondent for 60 Minutes, Channel Nine Australia and is a published writer having worked as a Feature Writer for Dawn News.