LocateMotion presented at L-Spark MedTech Demo Day!

LocateMotion was thrilled to attend L-Spark’s Demo Day, the conclusion of the L-Spark MedTech Accelerator. Likewise, we enjoyed celebrating with L-Spark and the program’s corporate partners TELUS, Blackberry, Solace and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority


Discover SenSights.AI by LocateMotion, our Contactless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Aging platform. 

SenSights.AI: Who Are We?

SenSights.AI is a smart monitoring platform that provides support to the senior care community. It is ‘device agnostic’ at its core and is able to integrate and ingest data from a range of medical and non-medical devices. These include bluetooth-enabled monitors, ambient fall detection sensors, smartphones and external sources such as EHR/EMR systems. SenSights.AI presents patient data in one clear and convenient dashboard. Moreover, the view is customizable for the various players in our care circles from patients to caregivers and physicians. 


More recently, we have also started leveraging and integrating research on biomarkers and chronic disease correlation to build predictive AI algorithms on the most prevalent conditions. We present these as risk scores indicating the risk propensity of seniors to said chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes, hypertension).


Furthermore, our platform displays senior health and wellness data in real-time while our activity score and risk profile widgets, concurrently, populate smart alerts that notify an individual’s care circle of any data anomalies or changes in their profile. L-Spark’s MedTech Accelerator program has provided us with invaluable insights that will help us improve senior care ecosystem efficiencies, reduce emergency visits, minimize hospital readmissions and, mostly importantly, help improve healthcare outcomes and caregiver burden. 

L-Spark MedTech Accelerator Program

L-Spark is a leading Canadian business and technology accelerator that supports startups in developing innovative medical devices and services. The MedTech Accelerator Program enables the creation, integration and commercialization of highly secure connected medical devices and softwares. The latter includes AI-enabled applications such as the SenSights.AI platform. 


During the program, we leveraged the L-Spark MedTech connector to design two main use cases in collaboration with Home Health Systems, creator of SafetyPatch. These included an RPM use case for senior home care scenarios, and a Hospital at Home use case for post- operative discharge and post acute care scenarios. 


SenSights.AI is now ready and the mobile app is downloadable from the Apple or Android app stores. 


L-Spark’s SenSights.AI Explainer


Request a demo to learn more about SenSights.AI and how our proactive monitoring solutions can work for you at Sensights.ai/demo


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Contributor: Arfa Amir