U.S. Nursing Home Crisis and Effects of COVID-19

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The health system has not always been the best, and there already was a shortage of nurses, but since the multiple waves of COVID-19 hit, the condition of the nursing home has worsened, and the aged people are suffering in this situation.

Keep reading because the struggles of nursing homes are about to unfold in context with the COVID-19 pandemic.


How and Why Nursing Homes are Struggling?


The healthcare system is struggling to provide proper care to people above the age of 60 amid the pandemic because almost 184,000 nursing staff are affected and killed by this deadly disease.


The COVID-19 pandemic has left a big void in the healthcare sector, and there is a dire need for nurses in nursing homes. This need is gradually giving birth to a country-wide nursing home crisis, and there are homes where aged people are left unattended because of a lack of nursing staff.


This crisis is not only about the workforce, but it is also affecting the finance sector of the health care system, and a lot of experts are even calling it the worst financial crisis ever. The nursing homes are not sure anymore that they will be able to function to their fullest during the pandemic, and only a quarter of those will continue their operations from a total of 15600 nursing homes.


This crisis is not going to end anytime soon, and it is going to get worse because, according to research, the number of aged people in the country will double by the end of 2050. So, there is a dire need for some quick reformations and steps by the authorities.

People are concerned that their parents or grandparents are not getting sufficient care in the homes, and they are being left unattended.


The temporary solution to this is voluntary labor offered by the family members of older people that is unpaid, but they obviously cannot stay in the nursing home forever.


The Economic Crisis of 2022


This pandemic has brought a substantial economic crisis to the nursing home, and the authorities are just trying to recover from the loss they are facing. Nursing homes across the US spent $30 billion in 2020 to ensure that homes have enough nursing staff and equipment. But it is only 2022, and they are already expected to be losing $94 billion because of the COVID-19.


This loss will continue to increase as more and more nursing homes close down, affecting older people. They will be going through the hassle of relocation and have to adjust to a place they know nothing about.


The experts in the nursing sector are worried that even if the government provides funding, it most probably won’t be spent on increasing the workforce, which means no problem would be solved.


But,Joe Biden has recently announced a whopping investment of $400 billion in the health care sector”, which might improve the conditions of nursing homes to some extent. However, until the real problems are not addressed, this crisis won’t be solved. The nursing home authorities need to hire new nurses as soon as possible so the older people can get proper care, and then this is the duty of authorities too that no nursing home closes.


94% of nursing homes are facing the problem of shortage of staff, and that is affecting the health of residents, so it is high time to take some serious measures.


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