5 New Year’s Resolutions for Autism Moms

The New Year is in full swing and resolutions are trending. What is your 2019 New Year’s resolution? For autism moms, resolutions may look slightly different. Instead of that diet or dream vacation, autism moms have their autistic loved ones at heart.

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Bring your autism mom superpower to the next level may be the perfect resolution for 2019. Yes, you are already doing the best you can, but could you improve on anything or maybe even add something new to your routine?

Let’s take a look at a few awesome New Year’s resolutions autism moms can mix in this year.

1. No More Third Person Please

This may be a good place to begin when it comes to a new autism-minded New Year’s resolution. Your autistic child may be older now and by ditching third person and including them in the adult conversations can be powerful for 2019.

2. Less Focus On Eye Contact

Eye contact lets you know that your autistic loved one is really listening to you. However, why not loosen the eye contact reins a bit and let your child do his or her own thing. Yes, it is difficult for them to look and listen at the same time, so if eye contact doesn’t happen, you can just let it go.

3. Won’t Be Afraid to Roll Up My Sleeves More

Some days it is just too challenging, but having a little more “Let’s Do It” attitude in 2019 can make a big difference in your autistic child’s life, as well as your relationship with him or her. Next time the day reaches its boiling point, roll up those sleeves and power through.

4. Share Hobbies Together this New Year

It can be pretty hard to connect with your autistic kid all the time. You need to often balance your life with his or hers. Take time to enjoy your child’s hobbies in 2019 and nurture your relationship in a more meaningful way. This may mean that you attend one less yoga class per week, but it is definitely worth it.

5. Stay Together Anytime, and Anywhere

If your autistic child wanders off from time to time, or if you want to be connected with him or her 24/7, check out the Caregiver Watch. It is a GPS tracking smartwatch and app with features like SOS calling, geo-fencing, camera, scheduling, and more. Stay together and keep your autistic child safe in 2018.

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