12 Dementia Winter Safety Tips Caregivers Need to Know

It is New Year’s Day and you may be spending some quality family time outdoors with loved ones today. Is one of your loved ones living with dementia? Caregivers of Alzheimer’s and dementia loved ones or patients should be aware of the winter dangers when it comes to dementia.

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Protect Loved Ones Against the Winter Elements

Snow, ice, cold, change in sunrise and sunset, and more can all be issues for your loved one. Winter can certainly bring a number of unforeseen dangers. Here are a few dementia winter tips for health and safety caregivers need to know.

  1. Winter is full of cold weather elements, so assume that all outdoor areas are slick.
  2. Purchase non-slip sole shoes for your loved one.
  3. If your loved one uses a cane make sure that the tip is also non-slip or has a somewhat sharp end to help them keep their balance on snow and ice.
  4. Eliminate space heaters due to fire danger if they fall over or are placed by flammable substances.
  5. Don’t use electric blankets since dementia loved ones may not realize they are burning their skin.
  6. Dress your dementia loved one in layers to keep them as comfortable as possible against the winter elements.
  7. Cover all areas of skin like wrists, ankles, neck and face.
  8. To reduce symptoms of sundowning you can keep lights on, curtains open, or use light therapy.
  9. Provide winter clothing with Velcro or snap buttons to allow your loved one with dementia to dress and undress on their own.
  10. Get a handicapped parking permit and park indoors when possible during the winter months.
  11. Buy your loved one a GPS tracking device to ensure they can be found if they wonder off in the cold.
  12. Make the World Safer for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Loved Ones Regardless of the Season

Caregivers like you can learn more about keeping your Alzheimer’s and dementia loved ones safe and healthy via this safety pamphlet from the Alzheimer’s Association.

GPS Tracking Devices for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

You can also stay together with your dementia and Alzheimer’s loved one by giving the gift of connectivity. Do you want to know where your loved one is at all times? Would you like to see them or listen to what they are doing discreetly? How about giving them a way to call for help with a single click?

The Caregiver Watch does all the above and more. You can now stay connected to your loved one or patient 24/7 via this GPS tracking smartwatch and caregiver app available for iOS and Android.

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