Are RPM services more efficient than other healthcare services?


The public health system has always emphasized acute treatments more while providing little assistance for treating chronic illnesses. These five chronic disorders—cancer, heart ailment, stroke, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and diabetes mellitus—are responsible for two of every three fatalities. In light of these facts, virtual care should be the primary focus for managing chronic diseases. In addition to rpm services, other virtual health care services also aid in health management, e.g. CCM, RTM, HaH, and PCM.


How do SenSightsRPM services help?

For patients who may need post-operative care, elderly care, or chronic care management, remote patient monitoring services have proven to be quite helpful. Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, changes in body weight, and body temperature are just a few crucial physiological information and data that a solid cellular RPM software may deliver. The data obtained from patient vitals checks can be transferred to the care team using a connected RPM device. The care team can then use the data to analyze the patient’s condition and deliver the best possible care. It is a crucial, rapidly developing subcategory of telehealth and virtual care.



Principal Care Management serves the purpose of  providing special assistance to patients diagnosed with a single chronic condition or to make it possible for medical professionals to treat patients with many chronic diseases by concentrating just on one of them, unlike rpm services which keep the check of all vitals. Focusing on the patient’s chronic illness as soon as possible and providing tailored therapy to stabilize it is one of the main goals of PCM.



Remote Therapeutic Monitoring was developed to treat conditions using medical equipment to collect and transmit “non-physiological” patient data. To conduct data-driven treatment through training sessions or patient education, care providers and therapists use remote therapeutic monitoring to organize and manage data on the patient’s physical status, therapy, and medication adherence. Chronic respiratory disorders, like COPD, and musculoskeletal conditions, such as healing from surgery or injury, are among the medical conditions that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have so far reimbursed. Health analysts anticipate CMS will increase the number of medicines covered by remote therapeutic monitoring.



Hospital-at-Home is a cutting-edge care model created to assist patients in receiving hospital-quality home healthcare. As a comprehensive alternative to acute hospital care, the hospital-at-home program treats older patients with acute diseases while enhancing the standard of care and patient outcomes. In contrast, rpm services are subjected to chronic management. Similar HaH patients have lower mortality rates and use fewer sedatives than hospitalized patients. The results are better functional results, greater patient satisfaction, and less caregiver stress. 

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Chronic Care Management helps in monitoring patients with chronic conditions including renal disease, cancer, or cardiovascular disease is known as chronic care management. Chronic care management and our veyetals RPM services are similar in that both count on chronic management. But one significant distinction between the two is that, unlike RPM services, the chronic healthcare system does not continuously monitor vital signs.



SenSights Care is a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) platform to help monitor patients, maximize revenue and save lives! The ability for clinician to remotely monitor patient’s health and vital signs without wearables in a non-intrusive way will change the way we view healthcare forever. 

Our RPM VIP membership offers: 

  • Access to SenSights Care RPM platform (telehealth visits, circle of care, medication reminders, health notifications, reporting)
  • Contactless Vitals Screening powered by Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Access to Chronic Disease Management Programs 
  • Access to a Rapid startup model with fully supported CRM 
  • Access to our On-Call Care Team of Registered Nurses daily monitoring patients (RPM, CCM, RTM)
  • Care Escalation & Reporting to the Doctor
  • Medicare Eligibility check and Billing services for RPM, CCM, RTM codes
  • Access to our Tech Support services (app onboarding, patient portal, device set up, training)


Benefits of SenSights Care RPM VIP Membership: 
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Patient Engagement
  • Higher Patient Compliance
  • Increased Care Capacity
  • Rapid Growth
  • Efficient Use of Doctors’ Time
  • Improved Staff Utilization
  • Reduced Staff Burnout


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