How EMR Integration makes RPM services more successful?

According to physicians polled, integrating remote patient monitoring solutions with Electronic medical record systems fosters better treatment and relationships with the patient. Therefore, SenSightsRPM has integrated the EMR system into its services. RPM technology is a reliable way to keep patients interested in their health by using tools and gadgets for remote patient monitoring. RPM services lower the price of healthcare while improving access to it. Since patients are becoming more aware of its advantages, medical practices are under enormous pressure to provide remote patient monitoring services.

What is EMR Integration?

Two different platforms are connected through integration so they can share data and cooperate. A digital system or device is linked to an EMR platform through an EMR integration to allow for easy clinical data transfer, communication, and cooperation between the two systems.

How does EMR Integration into RPM services help?

Remote patient monitoring services with EMR Integration are user-friendly for people of all technical skill levels. As a result, RPM solutions are implemented more quickly, staff training expenses are decreased, and automation is improved to lessen the strain on clinics and clinicians.

It is crucial to keep patient data to maintain easy deployment and management capabilities in the clinic’s current health record system because it generates higher volumes of patient data, contact points and reports.

Additionally, this enables more efficient, automated modes of scaling. EMR integration allows clinics to serve more patients remotely without hiring more clinical staff because it eliminates the requirement to operate in two systems.

Clinical personnel must use two distinct systems without EMR integration, lowering productivity and increasing workload. Effective EMR integration eliminates this hassle and provides clinics with a user-friendly platform built to operate automatically within the system they are most familiar with.


5 Reasons to Integrate Electronic Health Record System


  1. Decreases data entry workload: Reduces the time and errors involved in data transcribing. It requires clinical data to be entered into a system once, and all clinical systems will track it automatically.
  2. Improved communication: An interconnected EMR increases patient-provider and doctor-nurse communication and the clinic’s internetworking with dispensaries, laboratories, and many other practices. 
  3. Enhanced patient care: Provides hours of time savings through simple access and decreased data entry, resulting in more time for better care. Patient outcomes are improved by using more detailed clinical data and safety functionalities. Better care coordination and practice management are made possible by reliable software and devices. 
  4. Patient contentment: By employing dedicated portals for online scheduling and payment, EMR linkages improve patient engagement. They also provide possibilities for evaluation, patient notifications, and more. Reduced wait times are another benefit of improved provider workflow, which raises patient satisfaction.
  5. Enable Revolution: The Internet of Healthcare Stuff and other advancements are made possible by an interconnected EMR, which establishes a single repository and bridge with a smooth data flow.

Our SenSightsRPM has successfully integrated the Electronic Medical Report system into its RPM Services to improve patient management and provide all the above advantages. 



SenSightsRPM is a Remote Patient Monitoring Platform which specifically targets the vulnerable population, particularly senior citizens with chronic conditions. It helps clinicians to remotely monitor patients’ health and vital signs without wearables in a non-intrusive way via a facial or finger scan on any device. SenSightsRPM measures Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Variability, Oxygen Saturation and Stress Level of its patients contactlessly.

By creating the circle of care with doctors, nurses and family, patients can stay connected with their caregivers and loved ones who will be immediately notified in case of health irregularities of the patient. The platform is also integrated with 16+ FDA approved devices and wearables. Besides the remote monitoring platform, SenSights.AI provides nurse, billing and tech support to relieve the burden on doctors.

Daily monitoring of the patients is performed by Experienced Registered Nurses to help doctors concentrate their efforts on most critical patients and increase care capacity. All the data collected during the month is available through the platform in terms of insights and reports for easy billing. Our billers with 15 years of experience in Medical billing will make RPM, CCM, PCM, RTM codes billing effortless and easy. Being a part of SenSightsRPM Membership would result in increased revenue for the doctors and improved patient compliance as well as improved staff utilization, reduced patient readmissions and staff burnout making the work of healthcare facilities more efficient. 

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