Wellness Begins at Home

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As the years pass by, we grow, we build, and we age, and before we know it we have reached the point where we are ready to lay back, take it easy, and retire.


With a natural decline in our health as we age, older adults and seniors are often sent to nursing homes, assisted care facilities, retirement communities, etc. These facilities provide intensive levels of care, however, with the perceived benefits of being placed in these homes, one fundamental privilege is revoked; independence.  


As generations came and passed, one thing grew; the desire to “age in place”, meaning staying at home for as long as possible. With the catastrophe that was the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes among many other care facilities suffered greatly. Many dealt with significant tragedies, as early reports indicated that these facilities accounted for the greatest proportion of outbreak-related cases and deaths. Albeit implementing increased infection prevention and control procedures, the fear remained among older citizens, and most likely strengthened the preference for aging in place.


With the increased population now choosing to remain at home during their later years, at-home care initiatives, that would allow seniors to safely live at home, are now being turned to as solutions. Although a futuristic idea, the technology to assist in monitoring seniors without the use of wearables or cameras does exist!


SenSights Care Solution

Technology and software that’s used by SenSights.AI allow loved ones, family, and healthcare providers to remotely support those that require that intensive care. This non-intrusive technology allows seniors to maintain their independence while living at home but provides peace of mind to those that care for them. Sensights.AI helps relieve stress surrounding monitoring those with chronic conditions that may develop as they age; Alzheimer’s, Dementia, wandering, and falling, among other illnesses and conditions. Integrated use of audio, video and several communication methods via phone and popular social media platforms allows seniors to remain connected with nurses in their surrounding areas 24/7. The SenSights care app can also be integrated with GPS watches to easily monitor patients’ movements and create geo-fences for seniors who may wander, have Dementia, or even Alzheimer’s.


Aging at home, paired with the use of technology, provides considerable benefits to seniors. They feel a greater sense of comfort remaining in a familiar environment that may be full of memories for them. It allows them to remain close to a familiar social network to whom they can reach out. And most importantly, it honors their dignity and independence, encouraging active participation in their own lives. 


Software systems such as SenSights Care are great examples of innovation that blend the work of humans and technology to create safer environments for those who need it the most. Technology is a powerful aid that can help those wishing to remain independent and comfort those that care for them.


Sensights Care is an innovative tele-health solutions in aged care such as fall detection & deviceless patient monitoring.


More specifically – SenSights Care solves the problem of undetected falls & wellness monitoring in seniors by offering the only state-of-the-art passive monitoring devices where the seniors/patient does not have to wear anything. Besides this unique differentiator for fallers, SenSights Care solution has all other functionalities of RPM & Telemedicine platforms for patient engagement, remote monitoring, and virtual care. 


Today, what we are offering: 

– passive monitoring to increase compliance with patients / seniors 

– touchless fall detection (no camera, no wearable) 

– contactless wellness monitoring (no medical device required to measure vital signs) 

– revenue sharing revenue model and white labeling options we implement with regional players like yourself 

– And much more


The platform provides important real time details about health informatics using a mobile or desktop app, offering 24/7 remote monitoring, alerts, location updates, touchless fall detection, audio & video calls, virtual integration with EMR / EHR combined with connectivity to Bluetooth FDA / Health devices.


SenSights Care app helps at-risk aged care providers increase capacity by complementing physical visits with virtual care, reducing readmission rates and fall episodes.


SenSights.AI company

We are a North American-based startup that provides comprehensive capabilities for home care organizations to manage their senior care services using state-of-art AI and 5G technologies and allow for a greater independence. We are uniquely positioned as we are the only one with a combination of

  • Ambient or Touchless Fall Detection
  • Device-less or Contactless Wellness Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Mobile, Tablet and Web Solution for Seniors, Caregivers and Agency
  • Complete Out-of-box Telehealth and TeleMedicine Platform with integration with over 15+ smart devices and several leading EMRs/EHRs like PointClick Care, Cerner and many more in pipeline
  • Over 40+ Data Scientists, Engineers and Medical Advisors to help integrate and improve digital transformation journey of our client with services, products and platform focused on senior market

We provide the best in class health platform for patient engagement, remote monitoring and virtual care. Patients are guided on smartphones, tablets and computers from preparation through recovery with the help of reminders, education and activity tracking. Providers can receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care. Health systems use SenSights Care to improve patient satisfaction while reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, and costs.


We would like to work with you to help you grow your business with our unique business model of sharing revenue with healthcare providers.


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