Staying Safe and Keeping Safe this Thanksgiving with Remote Health Monitoring

As COVID-19 cases surge, Healthcare professionals continue to urge people to stay safe and keep social distancing this holiday season. The National Institute at Ryerson University, for instance, has designed to help people understand the risk factors associated with visiting family and friends, and urges the public against taking unnecessary risks that may cause them to contract and suffer from COVID-19.


Road Blocks

Whilst we reflect on the unique challenges of the year, we give special thanks for our elderly and chronically ill loved ones who have faced the highest level of loneliness and loss of community. Whether living independently, in assisted-living facilities or in nursing homes, the senior community faces unimaginable odds due to chronic illnesses, COVID-19 outbreak vulnerability and rising social disconnect – particularly during the holiday season.

Similarly, families like yours are confronted with increasing levels of anxiety and helplessness as you try and navigate relationships with your loved ones during the pandemic. How do you stay connected? How do you participate in the health and wellness of your loved ones? How do you keep your loved ones safe?

We can help alleviate some of these stressors.


Our Solutions

At SenSights.AI., we offer the Safe@Home initiative, consisting of remote health solutions crafted for the elderly and chronically ill, with special focus on those that are afflicted with such underlying conditions such as diabetes, COPD/CHF, as well as those dealing with cognitive impairment and memory loss (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc.).

Our solutions are compatible with wearable health trackers, non-intrusive sensors and other remote monitoring smart devices, which help caregivers with 24/7 flow of data including, but not limited to, constant heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability, O2 monitoring and glucose monitoring, GPS tracking and fall detection. Likewise, the user-friendly SenSights.AI interface – complete with smart alerts – helps users make sense of this constant stream of data, and intervene as needed.


The Promises

This is a distinctive value proposition for family caregivers as it allows them to actively participate in the health and wellness of their loved ones – during the holidays, and beyond, as we navigate the new normal – and find peace of mind. You can help keep your loved ones safe, whilst staying safe.

Our remote health-monitoring services are also game changers for your loved ones. These services provide members with the opportunity for health self-management, and enhanced independence. This is especially important for those who are committed to aging in place – i.e. living out their golden years in the relative peace and comfort of their home. Another major advantage, especially for those in forced isolation, is a greater sense of security; the comfort that their friends and family are looking out for them.